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Diversity Research Showcase



7th Annual University-Wide Diversity Research Showcase

January 19, 2024 1:00-5:00PM

MSU Union

2024 DRS presenter applications will be available November 1-December 17, 2023. 

Featuring MSU undergraduate student work or work in progress on issues of diversity that advance inclusion.

For a preview of the Symposium application, access the DRS Presentation Registration Preview.


2023 Awards

Thanks to generous donations from our program sponsors, award amounts were set at $300, $500, and $700 for oral and poster prize winners, with an additional two awards of $250 for students in the preliminary stages of conducting research.

  • Preliminary Research Award for Research in Progress 
    • Alissa Hakim, third-year, Honors College, Arts and Humanities & Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy
      • Variable Patterns in Risks and Their Levels Amongst Diverse Juveniles
      • Research mentor: Dr. Caitlin Cavanaugh
    • Natalia Warthen, fourth-year, Honors College, Saxophone Performance
      • Saxophone in Progress: Diversifying Classical Music as Modern Musicians
      • Research mentor: Joe Lulloff
  • Third Prize Poster 
    • Ann Ketchum, second-year, Honors College, Elementary Education
      • When Good Intentions Are Not Enough: A Look into Issues of Diversity in Rural Elementary Education Settings
      • Research mentor: Dr. Terah Chambers
  • Second Prize Poster 
    • Miquela Ochoa, fourth-year, Hospitality Business
      • Why DEI is Critical to Rectifying the Labor Crisis
      • Research mentor: Dr. MiRan Kim
  • First Prize Poster 
    • Jerome Hamilton, Jr. (second-year, Honors College, Political Science-Prelaw), Nel Robinson (second-year, Honors College, African American & African Studies and Political Science), and Sharmila Suresh (third-year, Honors College, Economics)
      • Television News and the (Mis)Representation of Cocaine and Opioid Users: A Systematic Study of NBC Nightly News
      • Research mentor: Dr. John Waller
  • Third Place Oral 
    • Jonah Cumings (second-year, Honors College, Political Science-Prelaw) and Josie Danielkiewicz (second-year, Honors College, Political Science-Prelaw)
      • Television News and the (Mis)Representation of Cocaine and Opioid Users: A Systematic Study of NBC Nightly News Reports
      • Research mentor: Dr. John Waller
  • Second Place Oral 
    • Destiny Kanning, second-year, Human Biology
      • Studying Negative Social Effects and Misconceptions of Cystic Fibrosis of Patients Aged 17-24, Preliminary Discussion for Pulmonary Organoid Development
      • Research mentors: Dr. Ryan Thomas, MD and Ashlee Price, RN
  • First Place Oral 
    • Olivia Brenner (third-year, Honors College, Hospitality Business), Layna Cho (fifth-year, Hospitality Business), Lauryn Davis (second-year, Linguistics), and Miquela Ochoa (fourth-year, Hospitality Business)
      • Exploring the Impact of K-Culture Experience on Cultural Diversity Understanding: Do Gender and Race/Ethnicity Matter?
      • Research mentors: Dr. MiRan Kim and Dr. Ok-sook Park

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