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Offering Honors Work

Daniel MenchikHonors College students keep me on my toes. I’ve been lucky to work with them, and I always tell prospective colleagues that the Honors College is one of MSU’s finest qualities. I’ve learned a great deal from these students, whose persistent curiosity informs the questions I pursue.”


Creating Honors Sections

Honors sections of courses should be taught by faculty members and are normally smaller than non-Honors sections. An Honors section is created by notifying the Registrar’s Office through the normal procedure for creating regular sections of courses with the following additional steps:

  1. Ask the Registrar to set the Honors flag for this section to “Y” in SIS.
  2. Ask the Registrar to restrict this section to students with the HONR major code.
  3. Please notify the Honors College at when an Honors section has been created.

If for any reason an existing Honors section must be canceled, please notify the Honors College at or 517-355-2326.

Creating Honors Research Seminars

Honors Research Seminars are faculty-led courses designed to support entry-level undergraduate research. The aim is to introduce students to the research process and better prepare them for advanced research opportunities during their undergraduate career. Faculty instructors mentor students through hands-on learning experiences that advance their research agenda. Request for proposals from faculty are announced during the fall semester with a submission deadline typically in November /December.

Download the Honors Research Seminar Proposal and Guideline

Download the Request for Proposals Packet

If you are interested in leading an HRS and have questions, please contact Justin Micomonaco, Ph.D., at or 517-355-2326.

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