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Academics Overview

Program Expectations

Honors College students may fulfill University requirements in nonstandard ways that allow a program of study to be tailored to a student’s interests and abilities. With the approval of an Honors College Academic Specialist/Advisor, students may choose from literally hundreds of course offerings to fulfill their General Education Requirements. With the approval of their Departmental (Major) Honors Advisors, they may meet the spirit of their college and major requirements using substitute courses not on the standard requirement lists. A substitution may take the form of a course which is more advanced than an introductory one, a course closely related to a required one but not on the standard list, or an Honors or graduate course which covers more than one standard listing. Visit the Program Expectations page for additional information.

In fulfilling the requirement for an enriched program of study, a student may use any combination of the various types of Honors opportunities available. In order to maintain Honors College membership and graduate with Honors College notation, students must complete at least three Honors experiences by the end of their second Spring semester at MSU and at least eight total Honors experiences by graduation. For students completing a second degree, two additional honors experiences are required for Honors College notation on that second degree. Visit Honors Experiences for additional information.

The Honors College requirements replace the University’s Integrative Studies and Writing requirements. Please visit this page for additional information.

Honors College University Requirements Substitution Request below:

The Integrative Studies Substitution Request form is completed ‘as needed,’ when a student enrolls in a substitution course. Substitutions must be approved in advance of taking the course.

Effective January 1, 2020, the Honors College Self Reflection Summary (SRS) is no longer a requirement for Honors College membership.

Visit the Substitution Request page more information, including instructions and specific due dates.

Honors College affiliation will be noted in the graduation program and on the student’s diploma and transcript. Each graduating member wears an Honors College stole during the commencement ceremonies. Additional recognition may be available separate from Honors College membership; visit the Graduation Honors page for more information.

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