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Campbell Hall Donor Stories: Molly Brennan & Bill Devlin

Molly Brennan and husband Bill Devlin perched on a red convertible car, waving to a crowd. The text below the image reads: Molly Brennan & Bill Devlin, Campbell Hall Renovation Project Donors.

“This initiative aligns with my values of investing in education, and in people, and creating spaces that inspire growth and camaraderie. MSU and the Honors College invested in me as a student, and I am thrilled at being able to invest back in the Honors College and the many students it inspires and supports daily, through its transformative opportunities.”

–Molly Brennan, Class of 1982

Honors College graduate, Hall of Fame sprinter, Rhodes scholar, engineer, philanthropist, Homecoming Grand Marshal, and multiple world record holder. 

Those are only some of the accomplishments on Molly Brennan’s resume. 

It is a privilege to add Brennan and her husband Bill Devlin to the list of initial donors for the Campbell Hall renovation project, which will convert the space into an Honors College living-learning community.

As an honors student, Brennan had the flexibility to pursue a second degree in humanities while continuing her engineering coursework. She credits the Honors College to expanding the scope of her exploration. 

Now as an alum, Brennan values the Campbell Hall renovation for its investment in the education of current honors students.  

“This project represents more than just a physical transformation,” Brennan said. “It embodies the Honors College’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and now adds a commitment to providing a vibrant residential community – an environment that encourages our students to grow not only independently but also interdependently in a supportive living and learning environment.”  

To learn more about the Campbell Hall renovation and how to get involved, click here

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