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First Year Scholarships

The following scholarships represent a sample of academic merit scholarships awarded to incoming first year students based on grade point average, class rank, standardized test scores or similar criteria. In most instances, no additional application is required. In some cases, a limited number of awards is available.

PLEASE APPLY TO MSU BY NOVEMBER 1 OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL TO BE FULLY CONSIDERED FOR THE AWARDS LISTED BELOW. Follow this link for a full list of merit-based scholarships. The Honors College will be using the new MSU Scholarships system.

All Honors College scholarships require good standing in the Honors College in order to be renewed, if applicable.

Honors College STATE Scholarship

Awarded to a select set of Michigan resident Honors College invitees; $5,000 annually; eight semesters.

Honors College Distinction Scholarship

Awarded to non-resident Honors College invitees who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents or citizens of Canada or Mexico; $5,000 annually, eight semesters.

Honors College Excellence Scholarship

Awarded to a select set of non-resident and international Honors College invitees; $13,000 annually; eight semesters.

Professorial Assistantships (PAs)

The Professorial Assistantship (PA) program aims to link the top Honors College incoming students, based on high school academic performance, with leading research faculty and their projects at Michigan State University; approximate $3,500 annual stipend for 8-10 hrs./week of work in an area of interest; four semesters.

In January each year, all admitted MSU students who have also been invited to join the Honors College will be considered for a Professorial Assistantship offer. A select number of students invited to the Honors College who have GPAs that place them in the top 5% of applicants to MSU from their respective schools will be invited and offers extended. International students and homeschooled students will be reviewed and invited to the Professorial Assistantship program on an individual basis after a holistic review of their academic records.

Seevers Scholarships

The Gary L. Seevers Scholarship assists Honors College members who are majoring in a discipline in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Each year, two scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen. The scholarship is renewed for up to eight semesters provided the student remains a member of the Honors College and a student in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Lewis W. Kaminga Alumni Scholar Award

Awarded to a limited number of Honors College invitees with outstanding academic records and superior performance on standardized tests.

Mowbray Scholars Program

The Mowbray Scholars Programopen by application to all students who have been invited for the fall semester, includes in its mission the support of students of color in the Honors College who have demonstrated potential for leadership in promoting cross-cultural understanding and who will contribute to the intellectual and cultural enrichment of the Honors College because of their life experiences. Mowbray Scholars receive $7,500 to use over two semesters (usually during the summers) preceding graduation for research and international engagement experiences.

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