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A Message from the MSU Deans Council

Eustace Hall

Dear Members of the MSU Faculty Senate and Steering Committee,

We write to reaffirm our shared commitment to the University’s values and to equitably applying and upholding the University’s policies and procedures. We amplify and support the calls for transparency and shared governance from leaders of the MSU Faculty Senate & Steering CommitteeASMSUMSU COGS, MSU CoREM, and the Association of American Universities.

The recent actions by some members of the Board of Trustees are antithetical to the values that guide our work as academic leaders and the Board’s Code of Ethics (see These actions have destabilized and harmed our University. They have undermined the progress our community has made over the last several years to create a more equitable, more transparent, and more trusting community.

We will continue to work collaboratively with you to make MSU a beacon of inclusive excellence.


Ann E. Austin, Interim Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs
Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Dean of Lyman Briggs College
Pero Dagbovie, Associate Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Dean of the Graduate School
Prabu David, Dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences
Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean of the College of Natural Science
Mary Finn, Dean of the College of Social Science
James Forger, Dean of the College of Music
Thomas Glasmacher, FRIB Laboratory Director
Steven Hanson, Associate Provost and Dean for International Studies and Programs Jerlando F L Jackson, Dean of the College of Education
Thomas Jeitschko, Senior Associate Provost
Mark Largent, Associate Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Christopher P. Long, Dean of the College of Arts & Letters and the MSU Honors College
Kelly F. Millenbah, Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Terri Miller, Interim Dean of MSU Libraries
Dylan Miner, Dean of the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
Birgit Puschner, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine
Leigh Small, Interim Dean of the College of Nursing
Aron Sousa, Dean of the College of Human Medicine
Judith Stoddart, Associate Provost for University Arts and Collections
Cameron G. Thies, Dean of James Madison College
Laurie Van Egeren, Interim Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement
Dave Weatherspoon, Associate Provost of Enrollment and Academic Strategic Planning

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