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Honors Connect is the official networking platform for alumni of Michigan State University Honors College.

The Honors Connect network enables you to:

• Be a Mentor – Introduce, employ and offer to act as a mentor to Honors College students.

• Expand – Leverage your professional network to connect with other Honors College alumni.

• Stay in touch – Easily access Honors College news and updates shared throughout the network.

It’s easy to sign up! Use your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles* to join Honors Connect or sign up with an email address.

If you have previously been a part of the Honors College LinkedIn group or HConnect Program, we recommend joining Honors Connect as this platform provides a much more diverse set of options to interact with other alumni as well as current students in the Honors College.

*We will never: post any message on LinkedIn / Facebook without you explicitly requesting that we do so or display your LinkedIn / Facebook contacts to any other user.

Additional Ways to Stay Connected

Update Your Alumni Profile

Visit the MSU Alumni Association's website.

Nominate a faculty member for the Distinguished Contributions to Honors Students Award.

Attend a Sharper Focus/Wider Lens panel discussion.

Read the Honors College annual magazine, HConnections.