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Student Stories: Marshall Weimer

Marshall Weimer, a current Honors College student, perfectly embodies MSU’s Generation Will. Weimer is a senior studying Fisheries & Wildlife with a Concentration in Conservation Biology within the MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, with an additional major in Chinese. This past summer, Weimer participated in a Moosewatch Expedition on Isle Royale as part of the Wolf-Moose Project. The project is the longest continuous study of any predator-prey system in the world and started in 1958. For the project, Weimer spent 9 days on Isle Royale assisting researchers in searching for moose bones to analyze the cause of death over the winter.

Currently, Weimer is a research technician for the Forest Entomology Lab headed by Dr. Deb McCullough, and he has had 10 articles published! He is set to graduate in December and has been very active on MSU’s campus during his time here. Weimer has had many wonderful experiences including playing in the Spartan Brass, living in Bailey Hall with the RISE program, traveling for a study abroad to Harbin China, working in an entomology lab and MSU Recycling, doing a journalism internship with the Great Lakes Echo, being involved with the Spartan Sierra Club and so many other things.

As a senior, Marshall reflected on his Honors College experience: “I have had the chance to participate in certain programs, otherwise off limits to me, due to the Honors College. I was a part of a research seminar during my freshman year studying the effects of sonication on biosolids to extract greywater out from them. I would have had to wait until much later in my college career to participate in actual research without the Honors College.”

To read one of Marshall’s articles, visit:

Photo (left to right): John Warming, Marshall Weimer, Clay Eckland, Hal Hanson, and Lada Zednik

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