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Erika Crews headshot

Erika Crews (she/her)

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
(517) 355-2326

Advises: First-generation students, students of color, Academic Scholars Program members, and ASP or HC students needing to discuss concerns related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
Headshot or a smiling woman with black glasses in front of a blurred red brick building

LaDonna Croffe (she/her)

Academic Specialist/Advisor
(517) 355-2326

Sadiq Mohammed

Sadiq Mohammed (he/him)

Academic Specialist/Advisor
(517) 355-2326

Christine Raisanen

Christine Raisanen (she/her)

Director of Advising
(517) 355-2326

Amanda Ritter

Amanda Ritter (she/her)

Assistant Director of Advising and Academic Operations
(517) 355-2326

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