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Honors Students of Color Coalition (HSOCC)

The Honors Students of Color Coalition (HSOCC) supports students of color in their transition to the Honors College/Academic Scholars Program & Michigan State University and fosters their continued success in college. HSOCC is committed to building a sense of community among students of color on campus; membership is also open to students not in the Honors College/Academic Scholars Program.

Student of color is meant to be a unifying term and is inclusive of American Indian, African, Black, Central Asian, Chicana/e/o, Hispanic, Indigenous, Latina/e/o, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, South and Southeast Asian, West Asian, and biracial/multiracial identities. This community is open to all undergraduate students looking to support the experiences of students of color at MSU.

The community offers:

  • Unique programming tailored to the needs of students of color
  • Academic/personal support through peer mentorship
  • Social events and networking with students, faculty, & staff
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Connections to campus resources and involvement experiences

If you are interested in learning more about HSOCC/to sign-up, you can:

  • Contact advisor Erika Crews at
  • Follow HSOCC on Instagram @HSOCCMSU

Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program

The Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program connects first-generation students, international students, and students of color with a peer mentor in the Michigan State University Honors College.

Through the Mentorship Program, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other students of color at MSU
  • Participate in social & professional development activities
  • Learn from the experiences of your peers as you transition to and navigate MSU

Visit the Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program website to learn more. Please contact Erika Crews ( or Sadiq Mohammed ( with any questions.

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