Honors Students of Color Coalition (HSOCC)

The Honors Students of Color Coalition (HSOCC) supports students of color in their transition to the Honors College/Academic Scholars Program & Michigan State University and fosters their continued success in college. HSOCC is committed to building a sense of community among students of color on campus; membership is also open to students not in the Honors College/Academic Scholars Program.

Student of color is meant to be a unifying term and is inclusive of American Indian, African, Black, Central Asian, Chicana/o/x, Hispanic, Indigenous, Latina/o/x, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, South and Southeast Asian, West Asian, and biracial/multiracial identities. This community is open to all undergraduate students looking to support the experiences of students of color at MSU.

The community offers:

  • Unique programming tailored to the needs of students of color
  • Academic/personal support through peer mentorship
  • Social events and networking with students, faculty, & staff
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Connections to campus resources and involvement experiences

For more information on HSOCC, please contact Erika Trigg Crews at ecrews@msu.edu.

Meet the 2020-2021 E-Board

Tom Douglas, President
Esme Bailey, Mentorship Coordinator 
Ashley France, Secretary
Samara Zinnerman, Events Coordinator 
Kaylee Commet, Treasurer
Ishaan Modi, Vice President of Internal Affairs
Anvita Suneja, Vice President of External Affairs

Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program
The Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program connects first-generation students, international students, and students of color with a peer mentor in the Michigan State University Honors College. 

Through the Mentorship Program, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other students of color at MSU
  • Participate in social & professional development activities
  • Learn from the experiences of your peers as you transition to and navigate MSU
Visit the Honors Navigators Peer Mentorship Program website to learn more. Please contact Erika Trigg Crews (ecrews@msu.eduor Sadiq Mohammed (mohamm61@msu.edu) with any questions.