Honors Research Seminars (UGS 200H)

These Honors seminars are designed particularly for first- and second-year Honors College students and provide an opportunity to engage in research in close association with MSU faculty members. The seminars are listed as UGS 200H in the Schedule of Courses. If you were admitted to the Honors College through the Campus Admissions process in Spring 2019, you can submit an override request to enroll in an Honors Research Seminar.

Among the benefits of these seminars:

  • Seminars offer opportunities for hands-on work on cutting-edge research projects, under the supervision of MSU faculty members. Students who gain this experience are well situated to find other research opportunities in future.
  • Seminars are small and offer the opportunity to work with interesting students from a wide variety of majors.
  • Every seminar offers the opportunity to present at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum in April. Many seminars also offer presentation and publication opportunities in other forums, both inside and outside the university.
  • Seminars count as one Honors experience and, with the approval of an Honors College Academic Specialist/Adviser, may count toward General Education requirements for Honors College members.

UGS 200H Descriptions 2019-20