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Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas

Open University-wide; Honors College membership not required

sean fitzpatrick grant mali

The purpose of the Undergraduate Grant for Dire Needs Overseas is to identify and fund the most outstanding projects which will serve dire human needs in countries other than the U.S. The grants must be used within a 12-month period to make an impact that will help alleviate dire human needs. The amount awarded depends on available funds and project scope. Typical grant funding is $1,200 for a Level I award and $1,800 for a Level II award. The application deadline is February 25.

How to Apply

Please complete the application in the MSU Scholarship system.

The application includes:

1. Online application form

2. Project abstract

3. Project proposal that includes: title, an introduction, description, implementation strategy, projected results, potential impact, and bibliography

4. Project Budget (Please note: travel is NOT an eligible expense)

5. Name and contact information for MSU faculty member supervising the project

6. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member who is familiar with your proposal

7. Letter of support from the community partner (highly recommended)

Questions should be directed to

Past Recipients
Sean Fitzpatrick and Andrew Jason (2015)
Level I Award
Location: Kati, Mali
Project description: Creation of children’s storybooks that discuss peace building.
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