ASP Advisory Council

The ASP Advisory Council is a collaborative of student leaders who hold membership in the Academic Scholars Program and the Honors College, designed to support the experience of incoming and current ASP members. Students are nominated by ASP/HC faculty and staff each Spring at the conclusion of the Campus Admissions process to serve as a Student Coordinator. 

Student Coordinators will:  
  • collaborate with team members to plan social & academic activities during the summer (as available) and academic year;
  • support content generation for the monthly ASP newsletter
  • share their experiences as an ASP member (through admissions webinars & emailing prospective members, in UGS 110 for first-year members, etc.);
  • have priority consideration toward employment as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant/mentor with the new ASP summer bridge program; and
  • have priority consideration toward employment as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant with the Fall UGS 110 offerings

Upcoming Events
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Scholarships 101 | October 19
ASP Dinners | October 20 and November 21

ACE Card Calendar of Events

Meet the Student Coordinators
Katherine Fulkerson: 
Francisco Hernandez: 
Christina Hobson: 
Dora Lei: 
Katrina Liang:  
Parker Major: 
Cheyenne Marchand: 
Nafis Miah:
Roman Roukoz: 
Adam Slaby: 
Aniessa Terpstra: 
Destinny Todd: 
Grace Walker: 

For more information about the ASP Advisory Council, contact advisor Erika Crews (