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Donors Support Next Generation of Excellence

Donors make all the difference when it comes to a student’s ability to access learning resources — research, study abroad programs, internships, or other learning opportunities — you name it.

For two-time scholarship recipient and Honors student Rachel Drobnak, this has proven true.

“As a crop and soil science major, research opportunities have consistently been the best place for me to learn about the field,” said Drobnak. “These opportunities would not have otherwise been possible without the support of the Honors College and its associated donors.”

To express their gratitude and discuss the monumental influence these supporters have played in their academic success, 13 of our students met with generous donors of the Honors College at Cowles House.

Student’s were welcomed by Jeff and Simona Cole, Bill and Linda Schoenl, and two anonymous donors.

Current senior Tushya Metha is planning to attend graduate school to receive his Doctor of Medicine and doctoral degree to become a physician scientist.

His study abroad experience, funded by Jeffrey Cole, allowed him to practice his language skills and further his passion for his fields of study.

“My study abroad trip gave me a huge global perspective which is something I really desired, because I do want to become a leader in my profession,” he said. “Having that global perspective really helped me understand the differences in communities, countries, and how I can do more with that.”

This year, Michigan State University received record cash and gift donations of $284.4 million. Alumni led the way with a 26.6% increase in giving from the previous year, contributing $122.5 million of the total.

“The donors care very much about hearing the stories of students they’ve funded,” said Honors sophomore Jerome Hamilton. “They want them to have great experiences, just like I did, and come back to MSU as better, more well-rounded individuals.”

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