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Campbell Hall Donor Stories: Barb Stone Reetz & Gary Reetz

Louise H. Campbell was a groundbreaker. 

She led the MSU Home Economic Outreach in the 1920s, initiating the practice of teaching and training rural women, and later served as Dean of the Women’s Program. A lifelong advocate for the education of women, she is the namesake of MSU’s Campbell Hall. 

As the Honors College works to raise $3.1 million for Campbell Hall renovations, it needs the help of new groundbreakers like Barb Stone Reetz (‘72, ‘74) and Gary Reetz (‘70) to turn the goal of a living-learning community for Honors students into a reality. 

A close up of the words Louise H. Campbell Hall carved in stone above an entrance to the residence hall

“We believe in the reach of the Honors College across all MSU majors,” said Barb Stone Reetz and Gary Reetz, who committed to funding a new music practice room as part of the Campbell Hall project.  

Barb graduated from MSU with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English before becoming a first-year instructor at Wayne State University. She worked with Saturn and General Motors for 25 years before running a global computer system for trainees all around the world.

Gary earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and retired from the Sparrow Health System as a controller.  

The couple has two children who are also MSU alumni.   

“The students accomplish so much in their short tenure at MSU,” they said. “Providing both beautiful and supportive space in Campbell Hall will only enhance their success, and ideally, encourage them to give back to MSU as ‘Spartans for Life.’ Go Green!” 

To learn more about the Campbell Hall renovation and how to get involved, click here.

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