Awarding an Honors Option

Honors Options Authorizations

The Honors Option (H-Option) is one way in which any MSU undergraduate student who is enrolled in a non-Honors course can earn Honors credit. The Honors Option is more extensive or more advanced work than is required of all students in a traditional course. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project. Courses used for Honors Options must be at least 2 units. Please visit this page to view examples of past Honors Options.

Ideas of How Students Can Complete On-Line Honors Options

University policy is that Honors Options must be supervised by a member of the MSU faculty. The Honors College defers to department chairs regarding procedures for faculty supervision of Honors Options in circumstances where the course is taught by someone other than a faculty member. 


Submitting an Honors Option
With Agreement Form

  1. View Honors Option Authorizations
  2. Talk to the instructor about the scope of the project. 
  3. Submit an Honors Option Agreement Form in early September. Please note a description of the project is required.



Please note:

  • The Honors College does not accept H-options in:
  • Internships/ Field Work/Practicums or other experiential education courses (apart from EGR 392 & EGR 493)
  • Independent Studies
  • One credit and variable credit courses (apart from MUS courses)
  • Education Abroad – Direct Enroll; MSU faculty-led programs are permitted
  •  CR/NC and P/N courses if the department has a minimum course GPA requirement

Honors Option Flyer

Helpful Link: Student-Instructor Forms

Report Form Notes
Honors Options may be denied for a number of reasons, including:

  • Earned grade in course and/or Honors Option work not meeting minimum standards as outlined by the department
  • Including student PIDs in the description of project section when using the H-Option Report-Multiple Students, as this form generates a report attached to each individual student record, thereby potentially revealing confidential information on another student’s record 
  • Insufficient description of project on Honors Option Agreement Form or Honors Option Report Form

Should a form be denied, comments will be provided on the returned form indicating the reason. 

Please visit this page for more information on Honors Options with a Service/Community Engaged Learning Focus.