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Steps to Determine if MSU/Honors College is Right for You

How do I know the HC is Right for Me?

We’re glad you are taking the time to explore your options at Michigan State University carefully. Taking the following steps can help to ensure MSU and the HC are a good fit for you.

Let the HC know that you are interested

  • If you are interested in the Honors College and you have not heard from us with an invitation within 8 weeks of your MSU admission, please contact us with more information.
  • Students who express interest, even if they are outside of the admissions criteria, have a better chance of HC or Academic Scholars Program invitation.

Attend the Alumni Distinguished Scholarship competition

  • Invitations are sent in early December and will ask that you register for one of two weekends–one at the end of January and the other at the beginning of February.
  • Even if you aren’t successful at the competition, you will still have a better chance of earning a scholarship from MSU because you attended.

Visit the Honors College admissions staff for an individualized office appointment

  • The admissions staff regularly meets with prospective students and their families. Email or call our office at 517-355-2326 in advance of your campus visit to schedule an hour long appointment.
  • We can also help you to schedule a meeting with an adviser for an academic area of interest.

Inquire directly about scholarships

  • Don’t be shy to let us know you are scholarship searching. The best time to be in touch with the admissions staff about scholarships is in March of your senior year of high school.
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