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University Policy for Honors Options

Adopted by the University Committee on Honors Programs on June 2, 1977

  1. Honors work in a regular course presupposes more intensive or more extensive study for those students who opt for it. Arrangements should be made to give substantial demonstration of the results of this more individualized involvement with the course material.
  2. Because the student must demonstrate such involvement, a high grade for regularly required work does not in itself warrant the awarding of the H-designation.
  3. An agreement between instructor and student to undertake an Honors Option project should be reached no later than the end of the first week of the term. It is advisable to record this agreement in writing.
  4. Each unit is urged to adopt further guidelines appropriate to its discipline or profession. Such Unit Honors Option Provisions (“local options”) usually include (a) minimum eligibility standards for non-Honors College students; (b) minimum grade points that must be earned in the course: the Honors designation is awarded only for work that is more intensive and/or extensive and of high quality; and (c) periodic reviews of the numbers of Honors Options given by individual instructors and by the unit as a whole: since guiding Honors work in regular courses requires additional investments of faculty time and energy, units may find they are ultimately best served by providing Honors courses or sections, especially when there is substantial demand for Honors work from majors.
  5. At the end of the term instructors report to the Honors College the names of students who have satisfactorily completed the Honors Option. Honors Option Report forms are provided by the Honors College to Chairpersons. These are Administrative Action reports, are separate and distinct from the regular end-of-term grade lists, and require the signature of the Instructor, the Chairperson, the Assistant Dean of the College offering the course, and the Director of the Honors College.
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