The Honors Option

The Honors Option is one way in which an Honors College student who is enrolled in non-Honors course can earn an Honors experience.

General Description

An Honors Option is more extensive or more advanced work than is required of all students in a regular course. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project.

University policy is that Honors Options must be supervised by a member of the MSU faculty. The Honors College defers to department chairs regarding procedures for faculty supervision of Honors Options in circumstances where the course is taught by someone other than a faculty member.

The quality of an H-Option project does not affect the grade assigned for a course; however, in some cases a minimum grade must be earned in a course before the Honors credit associated with the H-Option can be awarded.


1. Check whether your course is approved by the department for Honors Option credit.

2. Talk to your professor early in the semester to see whether he or she would be willing to oversee an Honors Option.

3. Complete an Honors Option Agreement Form located on the Registrar's website by selecting “Student-Instructor Forms”.

4. At the end of the term, the instructor approves the Honors Option if the work was completed and the department's requirements satisfied.

Examples of Honors Options

A variety of activities may be used to satisfy the H-Option. View some examples.