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College of Engineering Honors Departmental (Major) Advisors

Name Department Coordinator Specialty Address Phone Email
Evangelyn Alocilja Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Biomedical Engineering 213 Farrall Hall 517-355-0083
Hannah Brodhead Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Yes 103 Farrall Hall 517-884-8796
Betty Cheng Computer Science and Engineering Software Engineering 1129 Engineering Building 517-355-8344
Laura Dillon Computer Science and Engineering 3115 Engineering Building 517-353-4387
Wayne Dyksen Computer Science and Engineering Cybersecurity 3149 Engineering Building 517-353-5573
Richard Enbody Computer Science and Engineering Security, Parallel Processing 3145 Engineering Building 517-353-3389
Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian Computer Science and Engineering Yes Theory & Computer Networks 2134 Engineering Building 517-432-9476
Gaile Griffore Mechanical Engineering Juniors and Seniors only 2418 Engineering Building Call for appointment 517-355-3338
Amanda Idema Engineering Dean Engineering-No Preference 1415 Engineering Building 517-355-6616, Ext. 3
Titun Maiti Computer Science and Engineering 3201 Engineering Building 517-353-5455
Brad Marks Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Food Engineering 210 Farrall Hall 517-432-7703
Susan Masten Civil and Environmental Engineering Yes 3546 Engineering Building 517-355-2253
Philip McKinley Computer Science and Engineering Distributed Systems 1133 Engineering Building 517-353-4396
Matt Mutka Computer Science and Engineering Distributed/Parallel Systems 1135 Engineering Building 517-353-9731
Charles Owen Computer Science and Engineering Multimedia 1138 Engineering Building 517-353-6488
Lindsay Naylor Chemical Engineering and Material Science 3512 Engineering Building 517-432-4916
William Punch Computer Science and Engineering Artificial Intelligence 3115E Engineering Building 517-353-3541
Jian Ren Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering student last names N–Z 2211 Engineering Building 517-353-4379
Edward Rothwell Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineeering student last names A–M 2214A Engineering Building 517-355-5231
Tongtong Li Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineeering student last names N–Z 2308K Engineering Building 517-355-7688
Steve Safferman Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Bioenergy and Bioproduct Engineering and Ecosystems Engineering 212 Farrall Hall 517-432-0812
Joyce Samuel Applied Engineering Sciences 3508 Engineering Building 517-432-1352
Eric Torng Computer Science and Engineering Theory and On-Line Algorithms 2144 Engineering Building 517-353-3543
Jeffrey Tsang Mechanical Engineering Freshman and Sophomores only W-6 Wilson Hall 517-355-6616 ext. 2
Juyang Weng Computer Science and Engineering Robotics 2129 Engineering Building 517-353-4388
Mi Zhang Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering student last names A–M 2120 Engineering Building 517-355-5056

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