Advising is an important aspect of the Honors College. Developing individualized programs of study requires that Honors College members keep in close touch with advisors both in the Honors College and in their major departments. With the help and approval of these advisors, Honors students can take maximum advantage of the flexibility they are allowed in filling degree requirements.

Honors College Academic Specialists/Advisors

Honors College Specialists/Advisors are located in Eustace-Cole Hall and advise students from all majors about general university requirements; they also serve as the primary advisors for Honors College members who have not yet declared a major preference.

Honors College students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their advisor based on the student's last name.

A-F: Sadiq Mohammed (

G-L: Joel Maidens (

M-R: Amanda Ritter (

S-Z: Erika Trigg Crews (

To schedule an appointment with your advisor

1. Go to and log in with your MSU NetID and password.

2. Click “Get Advising” in the upper right corner of the Student Success Dashboard home page.

3. Follow the steps for creating an appointment. You and your advisor will receive confirmation emails regarding the scheduled appointment.

Honors Departmental (Major) Advisors

Honors College members who have chosen a major preference are assigned to specially designated Honors advisors in their major departments. More than 200 faculty members serve as departmental Honors advisors who, in working out programs tailored to individual Honors College members, are granted the authority to approve nonstandard courses that members take to fill college and major requirements.

Advising Assignment

If you have declared a major preference, you should work with an Honors advisor in your major to plan courses which will satisfy your major and college requirements. To find an advisor if you have not been assigned to one, consult the list of departmental Honors advisors.

  • If more than one advisor is listed for your major department/unit, check to see whether one is listed as "Coordinator" and contact that person for your advisor assignment.
  • If no coordinator is listed, check under "Specialty" to see whether the advisors are assigned alphabetically or by major.
  • If you are still unsure as to which departmental Honors advisor you should see, contact the Honors College at 517-355-2326.

If you have not declared a major preference, one of the Honors College Academic Specialists/Advisors will act as your departmental Honors advisor and help you plan a program until you choose a major (no later than the beginning of your first semester at junior standing).

All students should work with an Honors College Academic Specialist/Advisor to select University Integrative Studies substitution classes.

Program Planning

Students Planning Study Abroad/Study Away

It is essential that Honors College members meet with their Honors College Academic Specialist/Advisor prior to a study abroad/study away trip to discuss course enrollment. Study abroad courses should be approved in advance by an Honors College Academic Specialist/Advisor in order to ensure appropriate credit with respect to Honors College requirements. Students needing a signature on a Course Approval Form (CAF), please email Chris Raisanen,, or stop into room 105 Eustace-Cole Hall.

Freshmen/First-Year Students

You will need to meet with your departmental Honors advisor, and probably with an Honor College Academic Specialist/Advisor, early in Fall semester to make final course plans for Spring. Bring along your tentative program plans made during New Student Orientation and any changes to those plans you may be considering. If your overall academic goals and plans change, complete an updated HCAPP. If you add a new course intended for the Honors College University Integrative Studies substitution requirements, be sure to submit the University Integrative Studies substitution form.

You will need to meet with your Honors advisor(s) again in spring to make plans for the following academic year.

Returning Students

During Spring semester you will need to plan courses for the following year in consultation with your departmental Honors advisor, record these plans on your online HCAPP.

If you intend to spend part or all of a year away from campus, either enrolled in classes or participating in a cooperative education program, prepare an HCAPP noting where you will be and, if possible, which classes you will be taking. If you are away during Spring semester when HCAPPs are normally due, contact your departmental Honors advisor by e-mail to make plans for the following year as best you can and submit the HCAPP online as usual. When you return to campus, see your Honors advisor in person.