Christine Raisanen

Christine Raisanen joined the Honors College as the director of advising in 2013. Previously, Chris worked as an academic specialist in MSU’s College of Education and the Eli Broad College of Business.  She earned her master's degree in college and university administration from Michigan State University and her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Michigan.

Casey Harrigan

Casey Harrigan joined the Honors College in 2011. He received his MA in Communication from Wake Forest University in 2008 and BA in International Relations from Michigan State University in 2006, where he also won the National Debate Tournament as a member of MSU’s Debate Team. Before returning to MSU, Casey was the Associate Director of Debate at the University of Georgia and is originally from Holland, Michigan.

Bess German, Ph.D.

Dr. Bess German, Assistant Dean, has worked at the Honors College since 1997. She has a BA in psychology from Kalamazoo College, a master’s degree in college student affairs from Bowling Green State University, and a PhD in higher education from Michigan State University.

Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, Ph.D.

Dean of the Honors College at Michigan State University (MSU) and Professor with faculty affiliations in Social Work, Political Science and the Global Urban Studies Program.  She is also currently the Senior Associate Editor of the Journal of Urban Affairs.  Dr. Jackson-Elmoore previously served as Acting Assistant Dean of the Urban Affairs Programs, Director of the Urban Studies Graduate Program in the College of Social Science, and Co-Director of the Program in Urban Politics and Policy at Michigan State University.  Dr.

Madeline Oesch

Madeline Oesch is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering.

Brock Delebreau

Brock Delebreau is junior majoring in experience architecture.

Erika Crews

Erika Trigg Crews joined the Honors College as an Academic Specialist/Adviser in 2016. She earned her bachelor's degreee in communication from the University of Michigan-Flint in 2014 and her master's degree in student affairs administration from Michigan State University in 2016.

Clare Wismer

Clare Wismer is a junior majoring in advertising management.

Macie Hornbacher

Macie Hornbacher is a sophomore majoring in applied engineering sciences.