Honors College Study Abroad Planning Grant


The purpose of the Honors College Study Abroad Planning Grant is to support underrepresented Honors College students to study abroad during their undergraduate study at MSU. The Study Abroad Planning Grant includes advising and mentoring, co-curricular activities, and up to $5,000 to defray the cost of an approved study abroad program. Eligible applicants must be first year Honors College students who are first generation college students and/or have financial need (Academic Scholars Program members are not eligible). Applications are due March 1 for all freshmen during the academic year.


Students must be:
  • Current first-year Honors College members in good standing
  • Be a first generation college student and/or have financial need (FAFSA on file)


Recipients of the Honors College Study Abroad Planning Grant are required to:

  • Maintain good standing in the Honors College;
  • Meet at least once per semester with the Planning Grant advisor;
  • Participate in at least one activity each semester (determined by the student and Planning Grant advisor;
  • Participate in a study abroad program before graduating from MSU (excluding freshman seminar abroad).

How to Apply:

Please complete the application in the MSU Scholarship system.

The application includes:
  • An online application
  • A one-page (single-spaced) personal statement that discusses: 1) who you are, your tentative academic plan and career goals; and 2) why you want to study abroad generally (you do not need to have a specific program in mind).
  • Request a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher/counselor or MSU faculty/staff member to support this application.


Dr. Kristin Janka
Director, Honors College International Engagement