Martin Luther King, Jr. Advancing Inclusion through Research Award

In an effort to build the body of work authored by students that supports the MSU and MLK, Jr. ideals of inclusive excellence, we encourage submissions of MSU student research papers and creative projects on topics on inclusion, diversity, and marginalized populations. msu inclusion logo

MSU members of Honors College, James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College, or the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities during the Fall 2018 semester are eligible to apply.

First Prize:$600
Second Prize:$500
Third Prize: $300

Submissions from work completed between January 2018-December 2018 due by 5 p.m., December 18 to

Sponsored by: Honors College, James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College, and the Residential College in Arts and Humanities

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Application Guidelines

  • All submissions must include a clear and thoughtful explanation of how the research paper/creative project connects to and advances inclusivity, in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. The length of this attachment should be no more than 2 pages.
  • Research papers and texts supporting creative projects must be no more than 20 pages; the suggested length is 10-20 pages.
  • All sources and references should be appropriately cited.
  • Be sure to write clearly and proofread your final work.
  • All submitted work must have been completed in calendar year 2018. Submissions completed for a class or campus project are welcome.
  • Include your name and PID on a separate front page.

A committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students from the sponsoring Colleges will select the winners of the MLK, Jr. Advancing Inclusion through Research Award. Winners will be announced on or about MLK, Jr. Day 2019. A formal presentation of the awards will be made at the All-University Excellence in Diversity Awards ceremony in February 2019, which winners are expected to attend and to which family and friends are heartily welcome. Funds for winning entries will be placed into student accounts shortly thereafter, and are subject to MSU financial aid regulations.

Winners are strongly encouraged to submit their presentations for inclusion in the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum. Winners are also encouraged to consider submission to the Red Cedar Undergraduate Research Journal (ReCUR).

Permission Notice: All or parts of winning and non-winning projects may be published on the sponsoring Colleges’ websites.

Previous Recipients Year of Award
Claire Glenn (1st Place) 2010
Courtney Hurtt (2nd Place) 2010
Elizabeth Dunham (3rd Place) 2010
Mitch Goldsmith (Honorable Mention) 2010
Annie Norris (1st Place) 2011
Chelsea Yondo (1st Place) 2011
Leah Steinhauser (2nd Place) 2011
Jermayne Hairston (3rd Place) 2011
Natalie Lyon (1st Place) 2012
Corey Brown (2nd Place) 2012
Rachna Pannu (2nd Place) 2012
Lauren Pavlik (2nd Place) 2012
John Cody Roedel (2nd Place) 2012
Christine Rygiel (2nd Place) 2012
Emily Nott (3rd Place) 2012
Haley Carr (3rd Place) 2012
Kristiane Schmidt (1st Place) 2013
Mary Connolly (1st Place) 2013
Christopher Horn (1st Place) 2013
Margeaux LaCavera (1st Place) 2013
Levi Storks (1st Place) 2013
Jenny Crakes (3rd Place) 2013
Cameron Allie (1st Place) 2014
Rachel Barton (1st Place) 2014
Erin Gumpper (1st Place) 2014
Ali Haque (1st Place) 2014
Savana Swanson (1st Place) 2014
Jolisa Brooks (2nd Place) 2014
Sona Movsisyan (3rd Place) 2014
Hannah Jenuwine (Honorable Mention) 2014
Leon Hister (Honorable Mention) 2014
Ryan Tarr (Honorable Mention) 2014
Kairston Nitsch (1st Place) 2015
Ewurama Dankah (2nd Place) 2015
Brittany Ladson (3rd Place) 2015
Sydnee Wargo (3rd Place) 2015
Tia Barbera (3rd Place) 2015
Erin Schaner (3rd Place) 2015
Lindsay Dean (3rd Place) 2015
Leon Hister (1st Place) 2016
Heidi Kurniawan (2nd Place) 2016
Erin Paskus (3rd Place) 2016
Brittany Wise (1st Place) 2017
Peyton Del Toro (2nd Place) 2017
Florence Rhodes (3rd Place) 2017
Katarina Huss (1st Place) 2018
Arzelia Williams (2nd Place) 2018
Jonathan Walkotten (3rd Place) 2018
Alex Barshaw (Honorable Mention) 2018