How to Apply for EuroScholars Research Abroad

MSU students interested in participating in the EuroScholars Research Abroad program must first be approved by the Honors College. The steps below describe the internal application process.

Email all materials to:

1. Resume (1-2 pages)

2. Cover letter (2-3 pages, addressed to EuroScholars Committee)

  • Describe your research interests and career goals, include semester and year abroad.
  • Discuss the EuroScholars projects you are applying to and include the names of the universities and countries.
  • Discuss how your academic coursework and research experience have prepared you for the two EuroScholars projects you are applying for
  • Letter should be about 2 pages, include your contact information at the end under your name. Make sure the letter has a date on the front page at the top.

3. Three academic reference letters sent directly to the Honors College by faculty references (e-mail or hard copy, see details below).

4. Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended (e-mail or hard copy, see details below).

5. EuroScholars research projects - copy from EuroScholars website and paste into a Word document. Please be sure to include complete description:

6. Once alll materials are received an interview will be scheduled with the Honors College.


Once approved by the Honors College

1. Register with the EuroScholars program through the ISA portal. Be sure to use this link because MSU students do not pay a registration fee:

2. Complete the Project Identification and Personal Statement form (Honors College will send you this form).

Application Deadline

January 15th for fall semester
April 15th for spring semester