Donor Honor Roll

Williams Society:

Gary L. Seevers

Wharton Society:

Jeffrey N. Cole

Kathryn C. Cole

Kedzie Society:

David and Deborah Bourke

James Harkness

Patrick N. Kelly and Kathryn M. Kolasa-Kelly

Timothy R. and Patricia E. Oren

Walter Wolpin

Shaw Society:

Carol L. Lehmann

Abbot Society:

Pauline Adams

Cynthia A. Chadwick and Robert E. Chadwick II

Patricia Geoghegan

Dr. Lance Harris  and Mary Harris

Larry and Jane Hund

Hugh Lawrence and Daina A. Krigens

Dr. Sarah E. Sheafor

Laurie Horiszny and Chuck Stavoe

Michael L. Stein

Snyder Society:

John Depew Barkham

Mr. Christopher Bone

Mrs. Victoria Bone

Molly K. Brennan and William H. Devlin, M.D.

Patricia Dedula Stokes

Marjory J. Keeler

Alan M. and Sharon B. Lesgold

Dennis M. Mankin

David and Mary Anne Marvin

Gwen and Jerome Paulson

Gary F. and Barbara Stone Reetz

Robin K. Smith

David and Phyllis Snyder

Warren P. and Deborah L. Thomas

Jason and Emily Trice

Mr. Gregory Zbasnik

Hannah Society:

Cynthia Kay Afendoulis

Ed and Linda Convey

Mr. Brian Cullin

Nancy A. Dunn

Matthew B. Elliott and Anne E. Navarre

John and Renee Gulliver

Susan and William B. Hendrick

Tom Kelley

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Koenig

Lyle D. Meier

Robert G. and Laura E. Meiers

Valerie Ross

William and Linda Schoenl

Ben and Polly Schwendener

Dr. Gregory V. Spaniolo

Mr. Jacob C. Tiedt and Ms. Erin L. Shencopp

Gail J. Valentine and Richard R. Meinke

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waldron, Jr.

Beaumont Tower Society*

Richard and Peggy Cordray

Jeff and Diana Glass

Dr. Eric H. Grosse

Cynthia M. Grueber

Christopher J. Jackson

Edward A. and Beryl A. Johnson

Barbara Dodge Kimball

Dr. Jorn Kreke

Giovanna M. and Donald N. Lammers

Susan Stein Morrison, D.C.

A. Dean and Vicki Jo Parling

Judy K. and David R. Pfaff

David and Kathleen Scott

Mary H. Sotir

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Styrk

Dale F. Woods and James R. Cundiff

President’s Club*

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Appel

Thomas M. Bartos

Mr. and Mrs. Carsten Beith

Diana L. Bell

Noelle C. Bowdler, M.D.

David M. Bowen

John R. Boyd

Tim  and Valerie Bruemmer

Robert Brusca and Kathleen Hays

Lynn M. Bufka, Ph.D. and Conrad Fernandes

Greg Caucutt

Linda G. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Connors

Ann W. Craven

Michael R. and Sandra H. Dean

Dr. Cristian A. deRitis and Ms. Valentina Rutolo

Barbara B. Dixon

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Evans

Sam and Dianne Ewing

Paul and Jennifer Fanson

Tracy Figler and M. Donald Kowitz

Ronald C. Fisher

Sharon R. Fox

Susan Reece Freel

John F. Geweke, Ph.D. and Lynne M. Geweke, M.D.

Albert W. Griffin

Barry and Donna Griffiths

Steve and Linda Grousd

Ernie S. Grush

Alyssa R. Harvey

Doug and Peggy Heffner

Janice E. Huff and Stephen J. Ezzo

Joseph R. Huguenard, M.D. and Elizabeth M. Huguenard

Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore and Ambrose Elmoore

Elizabeth M. and Troy K. Johnson

Mary Speck Kerr

Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Killeen

Carole E. Kitti, Ph.D. and Stanley A. Horowitz

James A. Klein, Ph.D. and Annearle Klein

Mike Kupfer

Maureen and Dennis Lefebvre

Gary and Barbara Maxwell

Anne C. McAlvey

Gary and Jenny McCampbell

David and Marika McCann

Ms. Lynne M. Metty

Lucile J. Missimer

Mrs. Tammy J. Moncrief

Judith A. Murphy

Bobbie A. Othmer

Prof. Hans G. Othmer

John and Janea Pabst

William L. Peebles, Ph.D.

Sandra Pinnavaia and Guy Moszkowski

Stephen and Marguerite Poreda

Dr. John X. Przybysz, Sr. and Dr. Lauri C. Przybysz

Karen M. Reenders

Wayne W. Repko

Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Rheinstein

Keith and Ardath Robertson

Ms. Cynthia M. Rohde

Jerry T. Rupley and Dr. Mary C. Rupley

Hillard and Angela Salas

Carmen L. Sandretto

Mark J. Schervish

Heather A. and Timothy J. Soule

Richard E. Teets and Mary S. Pickett

Nancy and Charles S. Treat

Leanne C. Trebilcock

Man-Yee Tsang and William G. Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tucker

Brian Van Klompenberg

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Vavra

Robert Vercruysse

Jeffery S. Vogel

Bernard and Deborah Weiss

Thomas and Sue Wielenga

Kenneth R. Wylie and Professor Mavis L. Donahue

Landon Society:

Steven M. Abel

Pauline Adams

Cynthia K. Afendoulis

John D. Barkham

Priscilla B. Bellairs

Roger T. and Joyce J. Berg

David L. and Deborah L. Bourke

Larry L. Burton

Cynthia A. Chadwick and Robert E. Chadwick II

Patricia Dedula-Stokes and Ron Romano

Nancy A. Dunn

James D. Harkness

Lance A. and Mary L. Harris

Jane L. and Lawrence Hund

Charles R. Johnson

Patrick N. Kelly and Kathryn M. Kolasa Kelly

Barbara D. Kimball

Hugh Lawrence and Daina A. Krigens

Carol L. Lehmann

Alan M. and Sharon B. Lesgold

Dennis M. Mankin

Sam H. and Kay M. Miller

Robert N. Montry

Susan D. Noack

Timothy R. and Patricia E. Oren

Gwen O. and Jerome A. Paulson

David B. and Cynthia A. Price

Michael J. Roberts

Kenneth L. and Shirley R. Schepler

David K. and Kathleen L. Scott

Gary L. and Eiko I. Seevers

Sarah E. Sheafor

Hugh M. Smith

Robin K. Smith

Warren P. and Deborah L. Thomas

Gail J. Valentine and Richard R. Meinke

Merlin L. Wheeler

Gregory and Pamela J. Zbasnik


Abbott Fund

Apple Computer, Inc.

B.P. Rajesh, MD, PLLC

Caruso Chiropractic Clinic, P. C.

Cisco Foundation

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Emporio Investment Co Inc

Frisch & Barrett

Gannett Foundation, Inc.

Kirsten Potter Custom Interiors, Inc

Ludington Chiropractic Life Center

MI Motion LLC

Michigan Civil Process Inc.

MSU Federal Credit Union

TEGNA Foundation

Toyota Motor Sales - USA

People giving $25,000+:

Jason and Emily Trice

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waldron, Jr.

People giving $10,000-$24,999:

David and Deborah Bourke

Molly K. Brennan and William H. Devlin, M.D.

Gary F. and Barbara Stone Reetz

People giving $1,000-$9,999:

Mr. and Mrs. Carsten Beith

Tim  and Valerie Bruemmer

Mark and Dawn M. Bruner

Lynn M. Bufka, Ph.D. and Conrad Fernandes

Elaine F. Bushey

Wants No Recognition

Greg Caucutt

Patrick Y. Chiu

Edward C. Dawda and Alice I. Buckley

Matthew B. Elliott and Anne E. Navarre

John G. and Mary A. Engstrom

Barry and Donna Griffiths

Dr. Eric H. Grosse

Jordan M. Hecker and Bertha J. Sunderland Hecker

Zachary J. Hickner

Joseph R. Huguenard, M.D. and Elizabeth M. Huguenard

Penniford L. Justice, Ph.D.

Peter R. Kamarainen and Carol Chappell

Gerald J. and Karen D. Keir

Tom Kelley

Kyle C. Kerbawy Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Koenig

Ruth M. Kowaleski, Ph.D.

Blake and Mary Krueger

Ronald E. and Barbara E. Langley

Hugh Lawrence and Daina A. Krigens

Hyangkey K. and Yon S. Lee

Maureen and Dennis Lefebvre

James M. and Karen Leiby

Barbara R. Lowrey, Ph.D.

Joanne M. Maguire

Barbara S. and Edmund A. Moorhouse

Judith A. Murphy

Jeffrey M. Puryear and Myriam Waiser

Wayne W. Repko

Karen L. and Scott W. Richner

Robert J. Rietz

John N. and Rosemary A. Rigas

Paul H. Rockey

Ms. Cynthia M. Rohde

Dr. Scott F. Ross

Valerie Ross

Thomas Roth

Allen J. and Cynthia Ruby

Jerry T. Rupley and Dr. Mary C. Rupley

Gary L. Seevers

David and Phyllis Snyder

Craig W. and Sharon B. Stanfill

Ryan D. Thies and Cristina Aquino

Mr. Jacob C. Tiedt and Ms. Erin L. Shencopp

Gail J. Valentine and Richard R. Meinke

Kenneth R. Wylie and Professor Mavis L. Donahue

Gregory and Pamela J. Zbasnik

People giving $100-$999:

Cynthia L. Abel

Karen A. Ackerman

Samuel J. and Kelly D. Addeo

Bonnie A. Adomshick

Diane K. Alexander

Steven G. Allen and Linda L. Pattison

Matt W. and Jennifer S. Allswede

Stephen F. Anderson

Clark A. and Beth A. Andrews

Phillip L. Antweiler and Kathleen J. Brahney

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Appel

Robert J. Arcari

Deborah M. Arenz

Jack M. and Jane Armistead

Hubert E. Arnold

Richard M. and Elizabeth A. Auchter

Mark R. and Stacy A. Aulicino

Bruce W. and Laura L. Avery

John M. and Ramona K. Backman

Daniel J. Baker

Melinda D. Baker and Ryan Buzdygon

James D. Ball

John and Allison V. Ball

James E. Bappert

Bruce Barlow

Kenneth J. Barnowski, Jr.

David J. and Christa L. Barrett

Bruce A. and Nancy D. Barron

Thomas D. and Lisa M. Barta

Eugene A. Bass

Gayle M. Baugh

Rudi D. and Sharon L. Baumann

Liza L. and Larry J. Baylis

Joel and Margot E. Behrmann

Charles J. Beimers

Diana L. Bell

Jeffrey A. and Katherine E. Bell

David A. and Jennifer L. Bellore

James D. Benson

Richard C. and Jill Benson

Patricia T. Bergeson

Kristin A. Bernecker Ward and Brian D. Ward

Robert J. Besaw II

Lindsey D. and Joel Billings

John E. Birkenheier and Jane Sajewski

Marilyn H. Blackmon

William H. and Kimberly Blackwell

Wayman Blakely, Jr.

Jeremy A. Blaney

Linda E. Blauhut and Douglas A. Adams

Taylor M. and Rhonda L. Bleibtrey

Timothy W. and Kaarina G. Bodnar

Christopher R. Bollinger and Amy A. Smereck

Clarence A. and Susan Bonnen

Lisa M. Bontsas

Douglas D. Booher

Susan E. Boonenberg

George J. Boughton

Paul G. and Kristen F. Bove

David M. Bowen

Anthony R. Bowers

Thomas and Debra Bradley

Jerry E. and Donna M. Brand

Adrienne M. and Harry E. Brandicourt

Allison M. Bratzel

Richard L. Brazda

Edward W. and Linda S. Breclaw

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Brenner

Brian and Cathy Brenton

William J. and Susan E. Bresler

Timothy J. Bridges

Andrea G. and Walter O. Briggs

Lisa Broderick

Kathleen A. Bruce and Michael D. Waks

Darlene Bruner-Getz

Cathleen L. Buell

Rosaria A. Bulgarella

John R. Bull, Jr. and Terri M. Klochko

Howard J. Burgess II and Jeanine A. Burgess

Matthew J. Burke and Teresa R. Krieger-Burke

Dennis B. and Jennifer J. Burnsides

Charles E. Butterworth

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn G. Calhoun

Denise Camilleri

William F. and Marjeanne Camp

David P. Campbell

Jeffrey D. Campbell and Damien Bender

Rachel A. Card

Clayton W. Carson

Julie J. Carson

Linda J. Carter

Laura and Michael J. Casano

Carole A. Case and Delvyn C. Case, Jr.

Janice L. and Theodore J. Center

Dante E. and Karyn M. Centofanti

Annette M. and Jeffrey Chamberlain

Linda and Ted Chapekis, Jr.

John B. Chapman

Michelle J. Chargo

Kevin M. and Enid J. Check

Pei Chen

Marcia D. Childress

Gregg A. and Karen P. Christenson

Lynn R. Christy

Thomas J. and Deborah J. Clark

Barbara R. Clemmons

Mark T. and Carrie A. Coaster

Michael G. and Susan R. Coles

Kimberly A. Confer

Kelly J. and Jonathan R. Conley

Stephen J. Connolly and Maryann F. Breault

James and Sharon Conroy

Susan A. Copeland

John J. Correla

Susan E. Cozzens and Juan Jewell

Kevin H. and Renee A. Crampton

Ann W. Craven

Don S. Creyts, Jr.

Steven A. Cuccaro

Michael R. Culos

Anne I. Culver

Bruce and Joy Curtis

Douglas B. and Julie L. Daniels

Rob and Lynette Davison

Stephen E. and Consiglia J. Dawson

Gregory P. and Patricia E. Dean

Michael R. and Sandra H. Dean

James F. and Rebecca A. Deatherage

Catherine A. Decker

David W. and Karin M. DeGraw

Del J. and Kathleen DeHart

Michael A. Delbene

Kimberly A. Dennis

Jeffrey D. and Angela K. DePew

Dr. Cristian A. deRitis and Ms. Valentina Rutolo

Christina A. DiBartolomeo

Janice W. Dickerson

Mark E. Dickman

Timothy A. Diller

Kimberley J. Dilley

Daniel A. Dittmar

James W. Doman

Eron E. Drake

Mark M. and Patricia A. Drake

Bruce W. Dudley and Laurie J. Briggs

David P. and Linda A. Duessel

Donald N. and Kathy J. Duquette

Jason B. Durocher

Harold Dymowski

Joel C. and Jennifer A. Eddy

John E. and Sally Edwards

Ronald R. and Nancy B. Elkin

Elizabeth M. Elwell

Steven J. and Solveig G. Ericson

Linda A. Esho

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Evans

Sam and Dianne Ewing

Christina Faass and Robert T. Faass, Jr.

Joan E. Fair and Jan T. Fair, Sr.

James S. and Linda V. Fairweather

Dianna M. Falter

Paul and Jennifer Fanson

Sherilyn M. and Michael L. Farris

Bruce A. Farwell

David J. and Mary J. Fedewa

James Fegan

Robert L. Felker

Lorna Ferguson

Peter J. Fergusson

Craig E. and Mary E. Feringa

Michelle Field

Michael W. Fijolek

Emily Fisk

Michele M. Fissori

Kenneth Fladby

Jennifer A. Fleck

Nancy A. Foltz-Adams

Lawrence H. and Vicki Ford

Ronald D. Ford

Mark A. and MaryJo A. Fortuna

Richard A. Foster

Sharon R. Fox

Sharon M. Frank

Dorothy A. Frayer

Julie M. Frazer-Martin and Michael S. Martin

Chuck Freedman

Susan Reece Freel

Kenneth S. and Mary L. Freeland

R. Don Freeman

Elizabeth C. and Cameron P. Freisen

Karyn L. Frey

Nancy A. and Roy Fricano

Joseph D. Fridgen and Linh Van

Christina M. Friebe

Rachel A. and Kevin J. Frisch

Connel R. Fullenkamp

Kevin J. and Francelle E. Fulton

Margaret L. Gage

Ann and John Gallagher

Pablo D. Gannon

Sharon P. and Stephen E. Garcia

Dennis W. and Lori A. Gardner

Kimberly A. Gardner

Natalie Garlick

Gregory T. Garman

Justine M. Gaydos

Christopher F. Gelpi

Lisa A. Gentile

Amie George

Marlo A. George

Raechel E. German

Allen S. and Kathy D. Gilbert

Scott B. and Annie F. Gildner

Robert M. Gilligan and Sandra J. Shaheen

Michael V. Gilliland

Frederick J. and Barbara R. Gilman

Sherry N. Gira

Ronald J. and Mary O. Gizzi

Kevin R. and Ekaterina V. Glandon

Jeff and Diana Glass

Marci Glynn

Edward E. Gnott

Douglas E. Gobeski

Kenneth J. Godard

Walter M. Gomsi

Louis and Laura C. Gordon

Michael D. Gorsline

Jon F. Graham

Kyle A. Gray and Richard K. Foote

Gina Green

Eric D. and Julie R. Greenberg

Carole E. and John E. Greening

Albert W. Griffin

John A. Griffin

Laura K. Groll

Paul E. Groll

Ernie S. Grush

Marko R. Gudziak

Robin J. and Barbara L. Guthrie

Shelley R. Haas

Rachelle J. Haig

Robert T. Halase

Margaret P. Hall

Malcolm F. and Sheila D. Hallam

Darcel A. Hamister

Lance M. Hardenburg

Amy E. and Max Hart

Alyssa R. Harvey

Robert D. and Carolyn J. Harvey

Virginia L. Hawkins-Buerger and Peter Buerger

Susan C. Heath

Wayne R. Heinmiller

Jenna M. Heitchue

Stanley E. and Diane D. Henderson

Marybeth Herald and Joel J. Bergsma

Nicole L. Herman

Janet G. and Robert E. Hickman

Harvey W. Hicks

David Hill and Elizabeth Kidd

Marquita K. Hill and John C. Hassler

Maria G. Hiller

Adam B. Hinman

Robert E. and Judy L. Hoban

Richard E. and Karen A. Hodgman

David D. and Ann L. Hoffman

Christian Hoffmann

Joseph P. and Amy L. Hogue

Jeffrey B. and Jennifer L. Hollander

Thomas C. and Virginia J. Hood

Holly A. Hope

Thomas V. Hornbacher and Faye Major

Christopher J. Horton

Kenneth J. and Christine Horvath

Troy P. Houseworth

Ann L. Hriciga and Michael C. Coughlin

Karen S. Huelskamp

Janice E. Huff and Stephen J. Ezzo

Alexander K. Hughes

Scott A. and Staci Hughes

Charles P. Humphreys

Jacqueline A. and Kevin M. Hurley

Timothy J. and Lisa R. Huschke

Dr. Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore and Ambrose Elmoore

Craig A. and Maryellen A. Jansen

James B. Jensen, Jr. and Susan C. Jensen

Dennis C. Jespersen and Donna K. Davies

Kurt R. and Karen S. Johanknecht

Charles R. Johnson

Janice M. Johnson

Jean C. Johnson

Kathleen R. Johnson

Taylor K. Johnson

Teri D. and Valerie G. Johnson

Philip S. Johnston

Gilbert G. and Linda L. Jones

Paul H. and Corinna L. Jones

Brian E. Jongekryg

Dr. Lee N. and Shirley A. June

Michael L. Jutila

Rasha F. Jwaida

Michelle K. and Aaron Kaiser

Zachary T. Kaltz

Robert A. Kaminski

Kenneth S. and Eileen C. Kapka

Michael A. Kaplan

Leah N. and Kiran R. Kareti

David D. Kasperski, Jr. and Karin Kasperski

David K. Kastner

Melanie L. and David Kauffman

Donald D. Kawka

Daniel J. and Kathleen A. Kelly

Patrick N. Kelly and Kathryn M. Kolasa-Kelly

Michael P. and Stephanie J. Kempa

Brian G. Kennedy

Harrison Kennicott III and Kathleen A. Kennicott

Michael P. Kenyon

Christopher L. Kerr

Laura R. Kilbride

Dr. and Mrs. Peter R. Killeen

Stephen A. and Donna J. King

Brian E. and Linda R. Kingsbury

Gayle Kirker

James A. Klein, Ph.D. and Annearle Klein

Gary J. and Elizabeth M. Kociba

Jeffrey P. and Colleen M. Koebel

Klaus J. Kolb

Lisa A. Kosnik

Virginia M. Kouidis

Ronald J. Kramer

Pat and Bob Kriss

Michael J. and Susanne Krnacik

Kurt M. Kuhlmann and Lori A. Nicholson

Elaine M. Kulhanek

Grzegorz Kulhawik

Mike Kupfer

Francis P. Kuplicki

Justin J. Kuxhaus

Mark D. and Sarah T. Lablance

Karla R. Laboskey

David G. and Sandra Ladd

Barbara J. and James T. Laing

James F. Lang

Richard A. and Diane L. Larder

Natalia Larionova

Jennifer L. Larkin

Elizabeth R. Larsen

Anne J. LaSovage

Stephen and Sara Latreille

Wanda W. Lau and Michael J. Rappel

John H. and Lisa M. Lawitzke

John R. and Jamie J. Lawlor

James W. and Margaret A. Lee

Clayton D. and Nancy E. Lein

John P. Lemek III and Sarah E. Dudley-Lemek

Alan M. and Sharon B. Lesgold

Steven J. Levin

Michael A. Levine

David L. Lewandowski

Raymond J. and Carole A. Lewandowski

Myron E. and Catherine F. Lick

Anson L. Lovellette II and Barbara A. Lovellette

Scott E. and Karla K. Luchenbill

Debra L. and Kenneth J. Luczkiewicz

Cynthia L. and Richard Lukotch

David J. Luzenski

Mr. Gregory T. Lyman and Dr. Mary K. Hausbeck

Mary S. Lyon

Darrell L. and Leta M. Mach

Amy J. Maddox

Tanja Maffei-Chan and Robert K. Chan

Timothy Mahon

Jacqueline R. Maki

Richard Mancino

David L. Mankowski

Laurene C. Mann and Casey R. Bartman

John J. and Charlotte J. Marquardt

Lisa S. Marshall

Kelly A. Martin

Michael F. and Meipo F. Martin

Renee D. Martin

John K. and Rita M. Marzec

Elisabeth A. Mates

Jeffrey S. and Jill Matheny

Mr. Scott Mathy

Lynn R. Matzen

Diana C. Maurer

Judith I. and David A. Mauriello

Melissa A. Mayes

Mark J. Mazur

Joseph A. McAllister II

Anne C. McAlvey

Richard S. and Betty L. McCaghy

Michael J. McCarthy

Brian J. and Michelle D. McComb

Carolyn S. McCormick

Robert R. McCrae

Donna L. McDonald and Steven Pinard

Julie and W. Brian McDonell

Judy K. McGlashan

Brian E. and Susan K. McGrain

David D. and Zita McLellan

Robert C. McLravy II

Allan R. McMillan

Thomas W. and Sandra J. McNinch

H. Craig Melchert, Ph.D.

Feyza S. Menagi

Karl E. Mess III

David J. Metevia

Dean T. Mettam

Rebecca P. and Thomas C. Meyer

Carol A. Meyers and Laurence R. London

Sheryl L. Meyers

Carol O. Miecznikowski

Charles J. and Kathleen T. Miller

Gary J. and Melinda S. Miller

James A. Miller

Laurence R. Miller

Richard S. Miller

Steven M. Mills

Sandra Milroy

Lucile J. Missimer

Michael T. Mocella

Deborah L. Mohre

Kathy A. Moilanen and Edward M. Vuylsteke

Jack A. and Sally Molenkamp

Christy A. and Scott A. Money

Judith A. and Dennis G. Monge

Dennis P. and Margaret M. Monteith

Robert N. Montry

Mark H. Moore

Carl C. and Kristin J. Morath

Jeffery C. and Emily C. Morford

Meredith R. Morgan

Steven W. Mork

Jon G. and Carol A. Morrill

Mark A. and Judith A. Mulvihill

Rajika L. Munasinghe

Walter R. and Dawn Myers

Jayson H. and Kristine L. Nault

Debbie M. Nazareno

Mary K. Nicholson

Michael R. and Elizabeth J. Nicholson

Richard S. Nisenson

Kathryn J. and Gilbert A. Noirot

Jason M. and Kelly J. Noyes

Patrick D. Nugent

Kevin A. O'Dea

Timothy J. O'Donovan

Karl P. and Cathy I. Ober

Dianne Odrobina

Kevin K. and Melinda A. Ogden

Gregory J. and Anna Orlando

Pamela J. Oski

Prof. Hans G. Othmer

Mary Jo Ladd

John and Janea Pabst

Olive Padgett

Mr. Andrew Paquet

A. Dean and Vicki Jo Parling

Ross H. and Heather S. Parr

Denise M. Pasmanter

Joseph P. and Laura M. Patrick

Carol J. Paxhia

Steven M. and Mary A. Pearl

Eric and Connie Pelton

Donald M. Peppard, Jr.

Kenneth R. and Pamela H. Peterson

Michael J. and Cynthia J. Petrack

Benjamin L. Pfaff

Bonnie B. and Ronald B. Phemister

James A. and Mary E. Pierce

Shelly M. Pike

Brian S. and Kelley S. Place

Stephen and Marguerite Poreda

Allan M. Powers II and Linda M. Majeska Powers

Cynthia A. Powers

Richard A. Prasuhn

Vicki L. Pratt

Robin J. Prebish

David B. and Cynthia A. Price

Jennifer D. Proctor

Phillip and Lynn Purdy

Sheri L. Radomsky

Erika J. Randolph

Scott A. Rappe

Richard E. Rayle

Rosanna M. Rea

Terrance D. Reed

Benjamin S. Reetz

Emily S. Reetz

Jeanine R. Reeves

Tammy M. and Ruben L. Regalado

Robert F. Reiman

Laura L. Rice and Thomas J. Rice, Jr.

Mark A. and Susan L. Richardson

Richard A. and Susan J. Rigterink

Cynthia Ritchie

Keith and Ardath Robertson

Marilyn Rochelle Reiseck

Cuifang Rong and Yongbao Deng

Kristin T. Roodbeen

Duane J. and Virginia E. Ross

Julie E. and Glenn C. Ross

Roy K. and Betty J. Ross

Ross E. and Teresa A. Rubino

Scott A. and Patricia A. Ruhl

Robert W. Rulison and Catherine C. Adams

John S. Saczawa III

Ronald E. Sager

Therese A. Saggau

Eugene A. and Lisa M. Saladin

R. Sam Larson and James W. Dearing

Lisa M. Sammut

Richard A. Santos

Jeffrey L. Schad and Marilyn A. Lankfer

Michael R. and Judith R. Schaffert

David G. Schappert

Richard D. Scharchburg

Karen K. Schedler

Richard C. Schenck

Kenneth L. and Shirley R. Schepler

Stephen J. and Carla Scherr

Edward A. Schneider

Jane E. Schneider and Dennis W. Fulbright

Michael A. Schneider and Sarah E. Frazer

Michael Schulz

Thomas A. Schupbach and Kathy J. Songer

Grant F. and Constance A. Schwartz

Austin W. Scott

Daniel Seeds

Thomas J. and Ilene Segal

Frederick E. and Mary L. Serr

Aashish A. Shah

Janelle C. Shane

James W. Shelson and Sandra Murphy Shelson

Stephanie M. and Donovan Shephard

Donald K. and Barbara A. Showers

David R. and Judith A. Sigler

Luis M. Silva

Renald A. Simmons

Theodore G. and Jacqueline J. Simpkins

Margaret Z. and Michael Sing

James M. and Kathryn E. Skelton

David M. and Marcia K. Skjaerlund

Harry A. and Janet M. Skoll

Lawrence A. Sladewski

Gary G. and Catherine A. Smith

Kathleen M. Smith

Lynda Smith

Nancy A. Smith

Robert S. and Irma Y. Smith

Lawrence E. Sneden II

Jennifer J. Snyder and Robert M. Snyder, Jr.

Alice F. and Theodore J. Soldan

Lynda R. Solms

Mary H. Sotir

Philip J. and Kimberly A. Spampinato

Sally A. Spaniolo

Richard C. and Madelon J. Spike

Susan E. Sporte

Stuart M. Steen, Jr. and Amy W. Steen

Stanly L. Steinberg and Janet Oliver

Amy B. Sternfeld

Aimee C. Stevens

James J. Stevermer and Judith A. McKinnon

Pete and Sarah Stewart

Monica R. Stone

William A. Stonhouse

Karen L. Stoychoff Inman and James P. Inman

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Styrk

Kim L. and Judith A. Swanson

Stacey R. Sweeney

Naomi H. Tabler

Timothy C. Tessin

Timothy L. and Patricia Thar

Brian J. Thomas

David A. and Pamela S. Thomas

David M. Thomas

Deborah W. Thompson

Keith A. and Kathryn F. Thorne

Peter J. Timmerman and Lisa L. Gilewski-Timmerman

Leslie Toback

Charles W. Todd, Jr. and Sonia S. Rico-Todd

Martin E. Toomajian

Paul A. Toste III

Ellen G. Trost

Jessica M. Trotter

Susan J. Truesdell

Lynn K. Turnquist

Mark A. Turnquist

Diane L. Valent

Dan Van Haften

Willem A. and Kristin M. van Reesema

Robin B. and James E. VanderRoest

Sarah K. VanDomelen

Jane E. VanDusen

Ronald J. and Lynn M. Varcak

Elizabeth Veach

Michelle M. Verplanck

Jacqueline M. Viselli

Helen E. Vogel

Vorn M. Vogel

Douglas A. Wagner

Robert N. and Faye Wagoner

David C. and Elizabeth A. Walker

Gwendolyn L. Walker

Jacqueline B. Walker

Diane E. Wall

Susan Ware

Cynthia A. and Mark I. Warren

Kennard R. and Judith Weaver

Mitchel K. Wehrly

Kevin D. and Kathy J. Weidmayer

Bernard and Deborah Weiss

Jeffrey C. Weiss

Douglas M. West

John M. and Anne M. West

Todd M. and Erica L. Westenbroek

Mark E. and Gail Weston

William J. Wetherbee

Jon P. Whitcomb and Nancy C. Wrona

Daniel J. and Karen White

Jane K. White

Peter C. White, Jr. and Deborah L. Bush-White

Susan L. Whitfield

Marjorie M. and Allan P. Whittemore

Howard M. Wilchins

Kathryn E. Wilhelm

Candace A. Wilkes

Lindsay B. Willett

David A. and Nancy L. Willetts

Brent and Kathryn Williams

James L. Williams

Samantha R. Williams

David K. Wilson

Mark D. Wilson and Philip Sabatini

David L. and Annette D. Winrick

Christi R. and Arthur Wise

Laura A. Wojcik

Joanne M. and David E. Wood

Janet S. Wortman

Jennifer Wyatt

Michael R. Yales and Nancy T. Sabal

John R. and Emilie R. York

Neal A. and Vicki S. Young

Ruth M. Zarger

Andrew J. Zimolzak

Terry A. Zitek and Margaret J. Diaz

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