Honors College Academic Progress Plan Instructions

The Honors College Academic Progress Plan is a two-part process:

1. The University Integrative Studies substitution form

Submit as needed when enrolling for a course intended to apply to the Honors College University Integrative Studies requirement substitution but no later than the semester of enrollment in the proposed substitution course.

2. The Self-Reflection Summary (SRS)

Submit every Spring semester during preparation for annual enrollment, usually after meeting with your major honors advisor. The deadline is May 15 each year.  Honors College members who do not submit the SRS by the May 15 deadline can be released from the Honors College.

Log into the Honors College Academic Progress Plan system at https://hcapp.itservices.msu.edu/ using your MSUNetID and MSUNetID password.

Please note: Honors Departmental Advisors have read-only access.