• Research
    Michigan State University is a leader in offering research options for academically talented students in every discipline. Check out the Research page for more information.
  • Study Abroad
    Honors College students have access to exclusive study abroad experiences. Check out the Global page for more information.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships
    The Honors College offers a variety of scholarships for incoming students, as well as current MSU students. Check out the Scholarships page for more information.
  • Student Organizations
    One of the most important aspects of membership in the Honors College is becoming part of the Honors community at MSU, an opportunity to get to know other diverse, interesting, and engaging students from around the nation and world who share a commitment to academic excellence. Check out the programs/student-organizationsStudent Organizations page for more information.
  • Advising
    Advising is an important aspect of the Honors College. Check out the Advising page for more information.
  • National/International Fellowships & Scholarships (NIFS) Office
    The National and International Fellowships and Scholarships (NIFS) Office, administered by the Honors College, helps interested undergraduate and graduate students to pursue major national and international opportunities by providing information and direct support throughout the competitive application processes.
  • Honors Housing
    Honors students have the option of living on an Honors floor or Honors suite in one of eight residence halls across campus: Bryan, Case, Holmes, Mason, McDonel, Snyder-Phillips, Yakeley-Gilchrist or Wilson. Check out the Honors Housing page for more information.
  • TRIO Student Support Services
    Michigan State University TRIO Student Support Services provides academic assistance, career counseling, personal advising, and academic support for first-generation college students, students who come from low-income backgrounds, and disabled students. These students may face unique challenges in college because of educational or economic circumstances.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    The Honors College takes an active approach to ensure that the College closely mirrors Michigan State University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Check out the Diversity and Inclusion page for more information.
  • First Generation Advocate Directory

    Honors College staff and faculty who have indicated they want to assist first generation college students. Check out the Directory page for a full list.

  • Additional Campus Resources
    MSU is home to one of the most talented, creative, and hardworking student communities you’ll find. Check out for additional resources.