Honors College Award for Distinguished Contributions to Honors Students

Download the nomination form and e-mail it to hopkin65@msu.edu by Feb. 1.

The Honors College Award for Distinguished Contributions to Honors Students recognizes outstanding contributions by MSU faculty and staff to Honors teaching and Honors students and serves to demonstrate the University's commitment to Honors student education. In 2016, a lifetime commitment was acknowledged.

Constance Hunt and Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore

Recipient of the Sustained Committment to Honors Students Award:

2016: Constance Hunt, Associate Professor, James Madison College

Past Recipients:

2018: Jenifer Fenton, Associate Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition

2017: Ryan Black, Associate Professor, Political Science

2016: John Waller, Associate Professor, History

2015: Jeanne Wald, Professor, Mathematics

2014: Natalie Phillips, Assistant Professor, English

2013: Cristina Schmitt, Associate Professor, Linguistics

2012: Charlie Bokemeier, Professor, Accounting

2011: Tess Tavormina, Professor of English, Asst. Dean, Lyman Briggs College and
         Cornelius Barry, Assistant Professor, Horticulture

2010: Joey Houston, Professor, Physics and Astronomy

2009: Stephen Esquith, Dean, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and
          Katherine O'Sullivan See, Professor, Social Relations

2008: David Bailey, Professor, History

2007: Charles Ostrom, Professor, Political Science and
          Harold Sollenberger, Professor Emeritus, Accounting and Information Systems

2006: Elizabeth Booth, Academic Specialist, Finance and
          Sandi Smith, Professor, Communication

2004: Byron Brown, Professor, Economics and
          Kelly Klump, Professor, Psychology

2005: Richard Zinman, Professor, James Madison College

2003: Paulette Stenzel, Professor, International Business Law

2002: Edward Ingraham, Director Emeritus, Lyman Briggs School

2001: Michael Schechter, Professor, James Madison College

2000: Robert Root-Bernstein, Professor, Physiology

1999: Herb Josephs, Professor Emeritus, Romance & Classical Languages and
        James Zacks, Professor, Psychology