College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Honors Departmental (Major) Advisors

Name Department Coordinator Specialty Address Phone Email
Richard Brandenburg Agriculture and Natural Resource Dean Agriculture-No Major
121 Morrill Hall of Agriculture
Hannah Brodhead Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering 103 Farrall Hall 517-884-8796
Laura Cheney Agricultural, Food, & Resource Economics ABM 1B Morrill Hall of Agriculture 517-432-0089
Walter Chomentowski Forestry
126 Natural Resources Building
Gayle Cohen Packaging 130 Packaging Building 517-353-8966
James Crum Crop and Soil Sciences Basic Soil Sci/Land Use/Turf 160C Plant and Soil Science Building 517-355-0271 Ext. 134
Shari Dann Community Sustainability
147B Natural Resources Building
Jennifer Ekstrom Food Science and Human Nutrition
Nutritional Sciences

106F Trout Building
517-355-8474 Ext. 146
Rebecca Grumet Horticulture Horticulture/Biotech 342 Plant and Soil Science Building 517-353-0431
James Hilker Agricultural, Food, & Resource Economics Yes All 3 Morrill Hall of Agriculture 517-355-7455
Gretchen Hill Animal Science
2209G Anthony Hall
Janice Hironaka Planning, Design and Construction Room 102a Human Ecology Building 517-353-3184
Sharon Hoerr Food Science and Human Nutrition Dietetics 139 Trout Building 517-355-8474 Ext. 110
Taylor Johnston Crop and Soil Sciences
384F Plant and Soil Science Building
517-355-0271 Ext. 164
Eunsil Lee Interior Design 201L Human Ecology Building 517-432-3249
Timothy Mrozowski Construction Management 201J Human Ecology Building 517-353-0781
Satish Joshi Agricultural, Food, & Resource Economics Environmental Economics & Policy 304 Morrill Hall of Agriculture 517-432-9802
Frances Kaneene Community Sustainability Yes Environmental Studies and Agriscience, Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
302 Natural Resources Building
Jun-Hyun Kim Landscape Architecture 201C Human Ecology Building 517-353-8554
Kelly Millenbah Fisheries and Wildlife
2C Natural Resources Building
Michael Orth Animal Science Animal Sci/PSL
2209 Anthony Hall
Walter Pett Entomology LB Entomology
444 Natural Science Building
Karen Renner Crop and Soil Sciences Yes Plant/Pest Ecology 466 Plant and Soil Science Building 517-355-0271 Ext. 233
Brent Ross Agricultural, Food, & Resource Economics Food Industry Management 317B Morrill Hall of Agriculture 517-355-2266
Bradley Rowe Horticulture Horticulture/Landscape Hort. A212 Plant and Soil Science Building 517-355-5191 Ext. 1334
Melissa Salmon Planning, Design and Construction 102b Human Ecology Building 517-353-0862
Jim Schneider Fisheries and Wildlife Yes Fisheries & Wildlife, LB Fisheries and Wildlife
40 Natural Resources Building
Susan Selke Packaging Yes 135 Packaging Building 517-353-4891
Won Song Food Science and Human Nutrition Dietetics 5 Human Ecology 517-355-7690
Linda Summers Food Science and Human Nutrition Dietetics 106 Trout Building 517-355-8474 Ext. 121
Jeff Swada Food Science and Human Nutrition Food Science majors 106 Trout Building 517-884-5993
Karen Waiter Animal Science 1250 Anthony Hall 517-432-0383
Lorraine Weatherspoon Food Science and Human Nutrition Dietetics 334 Trout Building 517-355-8474 Ext. 136
Miriam Weber-Nielsen Animal Science Animal Sci/Dairy
1250 Anthony Hall

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