Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP)

This is a two-part process:

1. The General Education Substitution Approval Form

  • Submit as needed when enrolling for a course intended to apply to the Honors College General Education requirement but no later than the end of the semester taking the proposed substitution course.
  • Contact an Honors College Advisor if you plan to transfer a General Education substitution course.
2. The Self-Reflection Summary (SRS)
  • Submit every Spring semester during preparation for annual enrollment, usually after meeting with your major honors advisor. The deadline is May 15 each year.  Honors College members who do not submit the SRS by the May 15 deadline can be released from the Honors College.

The Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP) is designed to:

  • Promote self-reflection that fosters strategic selection of courses and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Inform advisors as a means of providing better guidance and support.
  • Catalogue curricular and co-curricular choices in writing as a precursor to the preparation of personal statements for job, scholarship, graduate/professional school applications, etc.
  • Formally document plans to use departmental course substitutions to satisfy General Education requirements.

Access the Honors College Academic Progress Plan Now


1. Access the HCAPP anytime to see submissions, approvals, comments, etc.

2. Use Degree Navigator (MSU’s degree audit tool) to review degree requirements – those completed and those left to be completed – and to confirm your approved General Education substitutions have been entered.