Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP)

The Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP) is designed to:

  • Inform advisors of your plans so they can provide better guidance and support
  • Formally document the ways in which Honors College members plan to use department courses to satisfy University Integrative Studies requirements in their degree program

Please note, changes are coming to the HCAPP. As the University migrates to a new Student Information System, unless you are graduating during Spring/Summer 2021, HC advisors will not be approving/denying Integrative Studies substitutions via the HCAPP for the time being. For students graduating Fall 2021 or later, you may see approved substitution courses as part of your Degree Audit at student.msu.edu; access information is available at the bottom of this page. If you notice a course you've completed toward Integrative Studies substitution is missing, connect with your assigned HC advisor

1. The University Integrative Studies Substitution Form

Substitution courses must be proposed to and approved by an Honors College Advisor in advance, typically immediately after enrollment. Please use this form to propose your substitution. Contact your Honors College advisor with any questions.

Please note, when requesting a course to substitute for an Integrative Studies requirement, remember that:

  • Courses must be approved in advance in order to fulfill University Integrative Studies requirements
  • Course substitution approvals are valid only for the semester indicated

2. The Self-Reflection Summary (SRS)

Effective January 1, 2020, the Honors College Self-Reflection Summary (SRS) is no longer a requirement for Honors College membership.


Access the Honors College Academic Progress Plan now.


1. Access the HCAPP anytime to see submissions, approvals, comments, etc.

2. For students graduating Spring/Summer 2021, use Degree Navigator to review degree requirements – those completed and those left to be completed – and to confirm your approved University Integrative Studies substitutions have been entered.

  • Visit degnav.msu.edu and log-in with your NetID & password.
  • Select a program on the right side of the screen. 
    • You'll see any majors, minors, concentrations, and the Honors College listed.
  • Using the 'Degree Description' dropdown menu at the top of the screen, select a program view.
    • Full Report with Course Status - full list of requirements with options toward fulfillment and how your requirements have been completed
    • Outstanding Requirements Report - list of incomplete requirements 
    • Short Progress Report - snapshot of requirement completion
  • Completed Honors experiences can be reviewed by clicking on the Honors College on the right and using the 'Full Progress Report' in the dropdown menu.

3. For students graduating Fall 2021 or later, use the Degree Audit tool accessible in the new Student Information System at student.msu.edu

  • Visit student.msu.edu and log-in with your NetID & password. 
  • From the Student home page, click the Academic Progress tile. 
  • On the bottom half of the screen, access your University Requirements to review progress toward your Integrative Studies substitutions. 
  • On the bottom of the screen, you'll see an Honors College section capturing progress toward your 8 Honors experiences.
  • For additional assistance in navigating the Degree Audit tool, access the Degree Audit Job Aid for Students