Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP)

The Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP) is designed to:

Many popular university requirement substitution courses are already loaded into the new Student Information System (SIS) http://student.msu.edu and should be populating in the appropriate category (Writing, Arts & Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science) of the Academic Progress report.

However, please use the HCAPP substitution request form when:

  • A substitution course (enrolled in or completed) should be populating in one of the university requirement categories (Writing, Arts & Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science) but is missing.
  • A university requirement substitution course is showing in the incorrect university requirement category
  • A substitution course is completed at another institution (transfer credit) after matriculation at MSU

An Honors College advisor will approve the request and update SIS or deny the request communicating the reason.  

*After enrolling in a university requirement substitution course, promptly check to see it is populating in the correct category on the Academic Progress report and if not, please submit the HCAPP substitution form.

 The University Integrative Studies Substitution Form

Substitution courses must be proposed to and approved by an Honors College Advisor in advance, typically immediately after enrollment. Please use this form to propose your substitution. Contact your Honors College advisor with any questions.

Please note, when requesting a course to substitute for an Integrative Studies requirement, remember that:

  • Courses must be approved in advance in order to fulfill University Integrative Studies requirements
  • Course substitution approvals are valid only for the semester indicated



Access the Honors College Academic Progress Plan now.


  1. Access the HCAPP anytime to see submissions, approvals, comments, etc.
  2.  Visit student.msu.edu and log-in with your NetID & password. 
    • From the Student home page, click the Academic Progress tile. On the bottom half of the screen, access your University Requirements to review progress toward your Integrative Studies substitutions. 
    • On the bottom of the screen, you'll see an Honors College section capturing progress toward your 8 Honors experiences.
    • Completed/in-progress Honors courses/sections and graduate courses are automatically captured. 
    • Honors Options must be registered by instructors via the Registrar's website