Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP)

The Honors College Academic Progress Plan (HCAPP) is designed to:

  • Inform advisors of your plans so they can provide better guidance and support
  • Formally document the ways in which Honors College members plan to use department courses to satisfy University Integrative Studies requirements in their degree program
  • Help you make sense of your curricular and co-curricular choices in writing as a precursor to the preparation of cover letters and/or personal statements for job, scholarship and graduate/professional school applications

This is a two-part process:

1. The University Integrative Studies substitution form

Substitution courses must be proposed to and approved by an Honors College Advisor in advance, typically immediately after enrollment.  Please use this form to propose your substitution. Contact your Honors College advisor with any questions.

Please note, when requesting a course to substitute for an Integrative Studies requirement, remember that:

  • Courses must be approved in advance in order to fulfill University Integrative Studies requirements
  • Course substitution approvals are valid only for the semester indicated

2. The Self-Reflection Summary (SRS)

Required to be submitted every Spring semester by May 15 each year. Honors College members who do not submit the SRS by the May 15 deadline can be released from the Honors College.

The Honors College encourages members to reflect regularly on academic planning, curricular and co-curricular activities, and other involvement on and off campus.  The Self-Reflection Summary (SRS) formally documents your goals, plans, and progress so that you may continue to build upon your experiences as an Honors College member and as a member of the MSU community.

Advising is a vital resource for Honors College members. Developing individualized programs of study requires that the Honors College members keep in close communication with advisors. Honors College members are expected to meet with their departmental (major) advisor and Honors College advisor regularly.

Access the Honors College Academic Progress Plan Now


1. Access the HCAPP anytime to see submissions, approvals, comments, etc.

2. Use Degree Navigator (MSU’s degree audit tool) to review degree requirements – those completed and those left to be completed – and to confirm your approved University Integrative Studies substitutions have been entered.