Key Statements

November 10, 2016

Dear Honors Community,

The Honors College community stands strong in affirming one another as individuals and as part of a larger community that values diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life. We remain committed to being a welcoming and supportive learning and work environment for students, faculty/staff, alumni and all members of the Honors and MU community. We believe in the sanctity of individuality and personal identity and fully embrace the value of all members of our community. That means we welcome and support individuals of all races, ethnicities and nationalities; individuals of all abilities, genders, identities, and sexual orientations; and for individuals of all faiths and creeds.

The weeks and months leading up to this most recent election revealed great disagreement and conflict in the United States. We do not and cannot condone the divisiveness of this election cycle; we do however, note the importance of participating in the political process. The election is behind us now and the country has elected its next president. As the members of our community make meaning of the election results, either through jubilation and excitement, or fear, disappointment and apprehension, we must be careful to give everyone the ability to do so respectfully.

It is especially important to remember that what separates communities can also lead to opportunities to find, remember, and affirm commonalities among us all. You are a community of engaged scholars and leaders; thank you for taking the time to actively, intently and sincerely listen to each other and reach out to each other in a courteous manner, especially where you disagree. We acknowledge that we may not agree on all issues, we also recognize that honest, respectful and civil dialogue is only one part of the path forward. Thank you for working together to be a part of the solution and for finding commonality in these uncertain times.


Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, PhD
Dean and Professor
Honors College