Sharper Focus/Wider Lens Previous Years

2015-16 Sharper Focus/Wider Lens Topics & Dates

2014-15 Academic Year

2013-14 Academic Year:

  • Detroit: The Past, Present and Future of the City (event video

2012-13 Academic Year:

  • Salt Water Encounters: Conducting Research Beneath, Beside, and Across the Oceans (event video)
  • Mapping the Boundaries of Friendship: The Changing Nature and Tools of Relationships (event video)
  • At the End: Death and Dying in Perspective (event video)

2011-12 Academic Year:

  • Confronting Wilderness: Human Interactions with Nature (event video)
  • Understanding Genocide over Time and Place (event video)

2010-2011 Academic Year:

  • Upheaval in the Middle East and North Arica: Context, Consequences and Implications (event video)