Professorial Assistantship Program

If you have any questions about the Professorial Assistantship Program, please contact Dr. Justin Micomonaco at or 517-355-2326.

The Professorial Assistantship (PA) Program provides undergraduate research experiences for 1st and 2nd year Honors students. PA offers are extended to the top 1% of students nationally. The Honors College works with departments and colleges across campus to place students. PAs are provided 2 years of funding and are expected to work an average of 8-10 hrs/wk during the academic year under a faculty member’s supervision.

If you are a faculty member interested in providing research opportunities to 1st and 2nd year Honors College students, please complete the form below. We will use this information in coordination with the colleges to place students. If a student’s interests align with your research area, we will contact you to coordinate (normally in the summer/fall).

"I have worked with over a hundred students in the program and nearly all have found the experience to be highly rewarding. The faculty value the experience because they can work one-on-one with students on projects that can spark the student's interest. In many cases, PA students working in a laboratory develop research projects that continue past the first two years and result in publications and even undergraduate theses."
Estelle McGroarty, Associate Vice President, Office of the Vice Provost for Libraries and Information Technology Services
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Natural Science

"The PA has a chance to make personal contact with a faculty member in an area that is of interest to them. During their time in the laboratory, our students are involved in data collection, processing and analysis. The PAs also have contact with our industrial partners, attend meetings, and are introduced as staff members. We try to integrate the full research experience into their stay with us."
Tamara Reid Bush, Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering

Professorial Assistantship Program Submission Form

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