Offering Honors Work

Creating Honors Sections

Honors sections of courses should be taught by faculty members and are normally smaller than non-Honors sections. An Honors section is created by notifying the Registrar's Office through the normal procedure for creating regular sections of courses with the following additional steps:

    1. Ask the Registrar to set the Honors flag for this section to "Y" in SIS.
    2. Ask the Registrar to restrict this section to students with the HONR major code.
    3. Please notify the Honors College at when an Honors section has been created.

If for any reason an existing Honors section must be cancelled, please notify the Honors College at or 355-2326.

Creating Honors Research Seminars

Honors Research Seminars are faculty-led courses designed to support entry-level undergraduate research.  The aim is to introduce students to the research process and better prepare them for advanced research opportunities during their undergraduate career. Faculty instructors mentor students through hands-on learning experiences that advance their research agenda. Request for proposals from faculty are announced during the fall semester with a submission deadline in November /December.

Honors Research Seminar Proposal and Guideline
Request for Proposals

UGS 200H Descriptions for 2017-2018

If you are interested in leading an HRS and have questions, please contact Justin Micomonaco, Ph.D. at or 517-355-2326.

Awarding an Honors Option

The Honors Option is one way in which an Honors College student who is enrolled in a non-Honors course can earn Honors credit. The Honors Option is more extensive or more advanced work than is required of all students in a regular course. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project. To view examples of past Honors Options, please visit: 

University policy is that Honors Options must be supervised by a member of the MSU faculty. The Honors College defers to department chairs regarding procedures for faculty supervision of Honors Options in circumstances where the course is taught by someone other than a faculty member. 

The quality of an Honors Option project does not affect the grade assigned for a course; however, in some cases a minimum grade must be earned in a course before the Honors credit associated with the Honors Option will be awarded.

Instructions for submitting an Honors Option:

1.  Connect to the Office of the Registrar website

2.  Scroll to Faculty/Staff Systems Menu

3.  Click on Administrative Action Forms 
For information on filing an administrative action form please see

4.  Log in (if it asks you to do so)

5.  Under Form Initiation click on H-Option Report

6.  Fill out the form.