Honors Options Authorizations

To check on unit guidelines governing Honors Options for a given course, select either the department OR the code letters for the course from the choices provided below, then click on "View H-Option Authorization." If the course code or department you wish to check is not listed, please contact the Honors College at honors@msu.edu or (517) 355-2326.

If the course is authorized for H-Options and the instructor agrees to supervise one in response to the student's request, then the instructor, after discussion with the student, specifies what the student will need to do to complete satisfactorily the project. (Sometimes in a large course quite a few students will ask for Honors Options and it is often possible to devise a group project that they can do collaboratively). An optional Honors Option Agreement form is available from the Honors College for this purpose.

If no special guidelines are listed for a department, the guidelines covering Honors Options in courses offered by that unit are the All University Guidelines, adopted by the University Committee on Honors Programs on June 2, 1977.

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