Freshman Seminar Aboard/Honors Research Seminar in Cuba

UGS 200H 750-Cuba Freshman Seminar Abroad

Urban Sustainability in Cuba and Michigan

August 2015 – April 2016

Quick Facts about the Program

Who: First-year Honors College and Academic Scholars students

What: Combined research, community engagement, & global study experience

Where: Seminars on campus combined with field work in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Cuba

When: Campus-based during Fall and Spring semesters; travel to Cuba from December 28, 2015-January 9, 2016


This seminar includes a study abroad component from December 28, 2015-January 9, 2016; students wishing to participate must apply through the MSU Office of Study Abroad website at  Students will study urban sustainability with a specific emphasis on historic and cultural preservation, tourism, and economic development by comparing efforts in Havana, Cuba and various cities in the Midwest. The seminar will involve classes and fieldwork in early fall to prepare students for the international travel experience. Field experiences will involve trips to Grand Rapids to visit urban cultural and historical sites—including the Art Price competition— and an overnight to Detroit.

Participants, working in teams with a faculty mentor, will design a research project that addresses the program themes, collecting data from primary and secondary sources while in the United States and Cuba. Students will present their research at the University Research and Arts Forum in April 2016.  Students enrolling in UGS 200H section 750 should have some experience with the Spanish language and an interest in learning about other cultures, as well as topics related to sustainability, resource economics, and historic preservation. Participants will develop intercultural competence, improve oral and written skills, and become familiar with various humanist and social science research methods.

Enrollment & Meeting Times

This course will meet in 207/208 Eustace-Cole Hall on some Thursday afternoons prior to travel, and include at least two field trips during the Fall (see ). All UGS 200H seminars have Fall enrollment but seminar work will continue into the spring semester with expected meetings and activities occurring in January and February. Participants will also be enrolled in UGS 102 section 750 for Spring 2016.

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