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The EuroScholars Research Abroad Program will provide MSU Honors College students the opportunity to conduct research at a leading European university for a semester to a year. Countries include Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Students will enroll in 3-4 courses for the semester including: 1) the research project (topic of student’s choice selected in consultation with faculty at the host university), 2) a methods and literature review course (independent study), 3) a language and culture course, and 4) an elective course (if applicable).The EuroScholars program offers a “flexible curriculum individually built around each student’s academic needs.” This opportunity is exclusively for Honors College members and offers a strong focus on research. 

Available Research Projects:


Finland: University of Helsinki

Germany: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and University of Heidelberg

The Netherlands: Leiden University and Utrecht University

Sweden: Karolinska Institutet

Switzerland: University of Geneva and University of Zurich

Sarah Tresedder (Michigan State University Honors College/Utrecht University). Read Sarah's reflection on her EuroScholars experience online.


There are several standard elements in the curriculum regardless of the host university: a Language & Culture Course/s (classes), a Methods & Literature Review (independent study) and the Research Project (including a paper or article). The Language & Culture Course/s will give the student basic knowledge of the language and culture of the host country. In most institutions the student will enroll in a regular scheduled course with other international students. The Method & Literature Review will provide the student with the opportunity to best contribute to the Research Project by independently reviewing scientific literature on the area of research.

EuroScholars proposes 3 different basic curriculum options to assure that the characteristics of the program are best represented (academic research and language and/or culture).

Students earn up to a maximum of  30 ECTS (15 MSU credits) for one semester of participation. The credits per component and for the full program will vary. A full-time credit load must be maintained by the student. Whether a student chooses option 1, 2 or 3 also depends on if the preferred host institution offers courses in English in the field of study. The basic element is always the participation in the Research Project participation. The research project must total at least 18 ECTS (9 MSU credits).

Option 1

Language & Culture Course/s *
Participation in Research Project including article/presentation/paper

Option 2

Language & Culture Course/s *
Methods & Literature Review
Participation in Research Project including article/presentation/presentation

Option 3

Language & Culture Course/s *
Methods & Literature Review
Participation in Research Project including article/presentation/presentation
Elective course in the field of research **

* At most of the European Host institutions, the Language course is provided by a Language Center which has a collaboration with the university but is not part of the university. Therefore, some North American institutions might not accept the credits for the language course. Students are strongly advised to check this with their study advisor before setting up the learning agreement. If applicable, the student can request the Research Project Supervisor to add extra elements to the research project in order to earn the missing credits in order to meet the requirements of the home institution.

** At some European Host institutions, the credits for the elective course are higher or lower than the aforementioned 6 ECTS. The credits of 6 ECTS is an average. Students are strongly advised to check this with their study advisor and Research project supervisor before setting up the learning agreement in order to meet the requirements of the home institution. The number of credits can then be adjusted if applicable.

Applicants will be asked to provide their preferences for topic areas of the research project (see ). Students have the possibility of developing projects focusing on other topics. This is a co-sponsored program. Initial enrollments will be processed by the Office of Study Abroad. All credits (including research experience) will appear on a transcript prepared by the host institution. MSU departments/colleges will determine subject codes on an individual basis. 


The student must be a member of the Honors College with a 3.7 GPA recommended (3.4 minimum), have junior or senior status, and a strong interest in conducting academic research. Students must also demonstrate academic background in the field of study and the specialization chosen. Previous research experience is not required. However, in certain circumstances students are expected to have prior laboratory or research experience equivalent to that which may be obtained through coursework. For example, students opting for a Research Project in the Natural Sciences, including practical laboratory work, need to have prior laboratory experience. 

Applicants’ participation may be denied or their participation approval may be revoked if their conduct before departure raises doubts as to their suitability for program participation.

Required Application Materials:

1. Copy of completed ISA/EuroScholars online application (save and print or save as PDF but do not submit at this point) available at:    

Note: The application fee will be waived for MSU students

2. Cover letter (addressed to EuroScholars Committee)

  • Describe your research interests and career goals.
  • Discuss the EuroScholars projects you are applying to and include the names of the universities and countries.
  • Discuss how your academic coursework and research experience have prepared you for the two EuroScholars projects you are applying for
  • Letter should be about 2 pages, include your contact information at the end under your name. Make sure the letter has a date on the front page at the top. 

3. Personal Statement (2-3 pages)

  • Provide an overview of your academic program, major, career goals and how the EuroScholars program relates; Discuss 2 research projects from the EuroScholars website and describe your academic reasons for applying for those projects.; and Discuss characteristics and/or experiences that have prepared you for living and studying abroad including prior study abroad.

4. Resume (1-2 pages)

5. 3 academic reference letters sent directly to the Honors College by faculty references (e-mail or hard copy).

6. Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended.

How to Apply:

1. Submit all application materials to the Honors College by the deadline to:

The Honors College
Michigan State University
Eustace-Cole Hall
468 E. Circle Drive, Room 105
East Lansing, MI 48824-1041

or e-mail to:

2. Eligible applicants will be invited for an interview with the Honors College.

3. Students selected for the EuroScholars Research Abroad Program will be notified of their acceptance and will receive instructions for completing an application with MSU’s Office of Study Abroad.

Application Deadline

January 15th for fall semester
April 15th for spring semester

Estimated Student Budget

For current budget information please visit the Office of Study Abroad website at: . Search for the EuroScholars Research Abroad program by country.

Funding Resources:

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MSU Office of Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships at other colleges/units at MSU

Scholarships for students of color

Foundation for Global Scholars

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants

Whitaker International Undergraduate Scholarship Program (Biomedical/Bioengineering)

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Pell Grant recipients)

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External Scholarship Search Sites


Visit the EuroScholars website:

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