Distinguished Contributions to Honors Students

Download the nomination form here and e-mail it to hopkin65@msu.edu by Feb. 1.

Past Recipients:

2016:      John Waller, Associate Professor, History

2015:      Jeanne Wald, Professor, Mathematics

2014:      Natalie Phillips, Assistant Professor, English

2013:      Cristina Schmitt, Associate Professor, Linguistics

2012:      Charlie Bokemeier, Professor, Accounting

2011:      Tess Tavormina, Professor of English, Asst. Dean, Lyman Briggs College and 
                 Cornelius Barry, Assistant Professor, Horticulture 

2010:      Joey Houston, Professor, Physics and Astronomy

2009:      Stephen Esquith, Dean, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities and 
                 Katherine O'Sullivan See, Professor, Social Relations

2008:      David Bailey, Professor, History

2007:      Charles Ostrom, Professor, Political Science and Harold Sollenberger, 
              Professor Emeritus, Accounting and Information Systems 

2006:      Elizabeth Booth, Academic Specialist, Finance and Sandi Smith
              Professor, Communication

2004:      Byron Brown, Professor, Economics and Kelly Klump, Professor, Psychology 

2005:      Richard Zinman, Professor, James Madison College

2003:      Paulette Stenzel, Professor, International Business Law

2002:      Edward Ingraham, Director Emeritus, Lyman Briggs School

2001:      Michael Schechter, Professor, James Madison College

2000:      Robert Root-Bernstein, Professor, Physiology

1999:      Herb Josephs, Professor Emeritus, Romance & Classical Languages and James Zacks, Professor, Psychology

Past Recipient of the Honors College Sustained Committment to Honors Students Award:

2016:      Constance Hunt, Associate Professor, James Madison College