Debate Program

Casey Harrigan

Casey Harrigan joined the Honors College in 2011. He received his MA in Communication from Wake Forest University in 2008 and BA in International Relations from Michigan State University in 2006, where he also won the National Debate Tournament as a member of MSU’s Debate Team. Before returning to MSU, Casey was the Associate Director of Debate at the University of Georgia and is originally from Holland, Michigan.

Jordon Newton

Jordon started as MSU debate's graduate assistant in 2015. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Gonzaga University, where he was a three-time National Debate Tournament qualifier. While working with the MSU Debate team, Jordon is also working towards a master's in public policy. 

David Strauss

Dave has been a coach at MSU since 2005. He was part of one of the most successful two-person debate teams in history. As a sophomore, Dave and his partner became the youngest of only four teams to ever reach the "final four" of both CEDA and NDT in the same year. As a senior, he was part of the only team in the 58 year history of the National Debate Tournament to advance to the elimination rounds of the NDT four times as an intact pair. He won four tournaments in 2004, including the National Debate Tournament.

Carly Watson

Carly Watson, Project/Event Coordinator for the Debate Team, graduated with a BA in Chemistry from Michigan State University. As a former member of the MSU Debate Team, Carly won the National Debate Tournament and University of Kentucky Tournament. After graduation, she worked as an Assistant Debate Coach at Gonzaga University before returning to MSU.

Will Repko

Will has been the debate coach at MSU since 1996. He joined Michigan State University's staff after coaching at East Lansing High School where his teams won several Michigan State Championships and the 1995 NCFL National Championship. Will's success has continued in his college coaching career where he has catapaulted Michigan State to an era of national prominence and excellence, including national championships in 2004, 2006, and 2010. Will was named the 2000 College Coach of the Year.