Honors Option Service-Learning Focus: Agreement Form

The Honors Option with a service-learning focus offers Honors College students the opportunity to earn honors credit while gaining meaningful, hands-on experience that benefits the community.


This agreement form is a template provided to students, faculty members, and community partners to consider the key elements of a quality service-learning experience in the design and implementation of the Honors Option. Students interested in receiving credit for the Honors Option are to complete this form by the third week of class in the semester in which they are enrolled in the designated course as a means to solidify the agreement made with the faculty instructor and help guide their work throughout the term.

Course Information:
Proposed Service-Learning:
Community partner contact information
Learning Objectives
Detail objectives for service componet:
Connection to Course Learning
Orientation to Service:

Completion date of MSU's Tools of Engagement:

  • Outline ways student will demonstrate the connection between the service component and to the scope of the course (e.g., journal, paper, presentation, other products):
  • Student agrees to complete the above project by the specified due date.
  • Student agrees that if the project is not completed by the due date, no Honors Option credit will be given for the project unless special arrangements have been made in advance.
  • Student agrees to notify Faculty Member and Community Partner as early as possible if Student will not finish the Honors Option for any reason.
  • Faculty, community partner, and student will negotiate and record any changes to the agreement after signing