The Academic Progress Plan

 The HC Academic Progress Plan is designed to:

  • Promote self-reflection that fosters strategic selection of courses and co-curricular opportunities;
  • Inform advisers of your plans so they can provide better guidance and support;
  • Help you make sense of your curricular and co-curricular choices in writing as a precursor to the preparation of cover letters and/or personal statements for job, scholarship and graduate/professional school applications;
  • Formally document the ways in which HC members plan to use departmental courses to satisfy General Education requirements in their degree program.

Opportunities for flexibility and enrichment in the Honors College academic program are vast and allow for members to complete a truly individualized academic experience.  In order to make most of the opportunities afforded, students must log into the HC Academic Progress Plan and submit the Self-Reflection Summary (SRS) at least once per academic year during annual enrollment (beginning of April). Further, members must submit the HC General Education Substitution Request Form after enrolling in the proposed substitution course, when applicable. Substitution courses must be proposed to and approved by an HC Adviser via this form, in advance, to ensure the course is eligible to substitute into the member’s General Education requirements. With this official record of approved course selections, a member’s General Education program remains valid even if the student withdraws or is released from membership in the Honors College. That is, any substitution courses approved for General Education will be applicable to requirements in their corresponding Integrative Studies areas, provided the relevant courses have been completed or are in progress at the time membership is ended.

Completing the HCAPP

1.  Spend some time considering your goals, interests and HC membership/requirements. What do you want to accomplish in the next year? When ready, complete the Self-Reflection Summary form online. **If you need assistance in major/college program planning, it is strongly recommended that you meet with your departmental (major) honors adviser. HC advisers are helpful with planning HC-related coursework and discussing other opportunities.

2.  If enrolling in courses intended to count for the Honors College General Education program, submit the General Education Substitution Request Form.  Members will receive e-mail confirmation of the substitution decision and feedback on the course choice.

3.  Take note of the deadline for completing the Self-Reflection Summary.  HC members who do not submit the SRS by the advertised date are subject to release from the Honors College. The deadline to submit the SRS for the 2017-18 academic year is Monday, May 15, 2017.

Changes to an HCAPP

As your interests or plans change, you may have to alter your HCAPP. If so, consult with your honors advisers, both in your major and from the Honors College, about the necessary changes.  Add a new Self-Reflection Summary entry or submit a new General Education Substitution Request, as applicable.

Your Graduation Year HCAPP

The course selections which you project for your final year must be carefully checked and rechecked. Be sure to review with your departmental honors adviser all graduation requirements in your major. Check with an Honors College staff adviser to confirm the number of honors enhanced experiences you still need and the status of your General Education selections. You and you alone are responsible for assuring that you have enough credits to graduate and have met all requirements for your degree and for the Honors College.