Honors and Enriched Academic Opportunities

Honors Experiences

In fulfilling the requirement for an enriched program of study, a student may use any combination of the various types of Honors opportunities available.

Honors Courses
Many departments offer Honors courses especially for Honors College members. Often these classes are much smaller than their non-Honors counterparts; some are designed specifically for Honors students and have no non-Honors counterpart. Material is usually covered in greater depth than in non-Honors courses, and there is more classroom interaction in general. The pace is faster and more challenging, since students are surrounded by other students of the same caliber and, often, the same interests. Honors courses are designated by an "H" after the course number.

See the Honors College Bulletin of Course Descriptions for details on offerings of Honors courses.

Honors Sections
In some multi-section courses, one (or more) section may be designated an Honors section. Like Honors courses, these classes are usually smaller than their non-Honors counterparts, move more briskly, and involve more classroom interaction.

See the Honors College Bulletin of Course Descriptions for details on offerings of Honors sections.

Honors Options
Honors Options (H-Options) are available in most departments for students who would like to receive Honors credit in non-Honors courses. An H-Option involves a project which relates to the course material and is completed in addition to the normally required coursework. The H-Option project is formulated in consultation with the course instructor, usually during the first week of class. Some common H-Options include writing research papers, conducting laboratory research, making class presentations, or additional seminars for groups of H-Option students.

The quality of an H-Option project does not affect the grade assigned for a course; however, in some cases a minimum grade must be earned in a course before the Honors credit associated with the H-Option will be awarded. For details on H-Option availability and guidelines, see Honors Option Authorization and Honors Option Guidelines.

Examples of past H-Option projects are given in the "The Honors Option."

Honors Research, Independent Study, or Thesis
Honors research, independent study, and thesis courses enable students to earn credit while involved in research-related activities.Honors Seminar Detroit/Cuba Visit

International Study
While engaged in study abroad through Michigan State University, students may be able to arrange Honors Options or, with careful planning and sufficient documentation, students may be able to obtain direct approval of Honors equivalencies for non-MSU programs.

The Honors College further supports study abroad experiences for its members by providing access to an array of scholarships for MSU study abroad programs.

Graduate Courses
With prior approval Honors students can enroll in graduate courses, as substitutes for required courses or as electives in the undergraduate program.