HConnect Program

The HConnect program is an amazing opportunity for alumni to get involved with the Honors College in ways that are meaningful to them and meaningful for the college. By connecting students and alumni, we are creating a culture and community of support.

Alumni can volunteer in one of the following areas:

  • Admissions: Connect with prospective or admitted students.
  • Advisory Boards: Serve on an advisory board or offer feedback on areas of interest.
  • Alumnus to Alumnus Support: Connect with graduates who are moving to your area, attend or host Honors College alumni-focused events or dinners.
  • Career and Internship Support: Help to create experiences through job shadowing or internships or by simply hosting a mock phone interview or review resumes.
  • Giving: Encourage others to invest in the MSU Honors College.
  • Student Support: Offer words of wisdom, advice, or feedback to students. Mentor a student through a one-time 30-minute mentor program.
  • Other: Share ideas with us on how you would like to help the Honors College community.

You can register for the HConnect program by completing this form.